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Kyle Allen Presser: Taking advantage of any opportunity is the name of the game in the NFL

Kyle Allen speaks to the media after being named the starting QB

Kyle Allen said that he found out this morning that he was replacing Dwayne Haskins Jr. as the starting QB for the Washington Football Team. The job of a backup QB is to always be prepared. He hasn’t hadn’t had much time with the players, but he’s excited for the opportunity to play. The offense is easier to digest when you’re a backup, and Allen is ready to take over a team that is still in the playoff hunt of a weak NFC East division.

Allen was thrown into the fire last year when he started the first 12 games for the Carolina Panthers in place of an injured Cam Newton. It was a good experience, and he learned a lot about situational football from those games.

Allen is excited to play with a lot of the young players on the team including #1 WR Terry McLaurin. “Terry gets a lot of press — and he should — but there are a lot of other guys that can make things happen too.”

Named the starter:

Life of a backup QB:

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