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Washington Practice Notes: Dwayne Haskins Jr. watches as Kyle Allen takes over the starting QB job

Washington holds it’s first practice with Kyle Allen as the staring QB

Well that was some big news to wake up to this morning. Ron Rivera has made the change at QB, and there have been signs pointing in this direction for a while. Dwayne Haskins Jr. is out as the starting QB, and has been moved to bench as the Washington Football Team’s #3 QB. Kyle Allen, who was the Carolina Panthers starter for 12 games last season, will move into that role this week when Washington hosts the Los Angeles Rams. Alex Smith, who has made an incredible comeback from surgeries to fix a broken leg and multiple infections, will serve as the backup and is now

Ron Rivera, and Offensive Coordinator Scott Turner, have been calling out parts of Haskins game for a while now, but were still saying it’s Haskins team this week. That all changed today, and now he is standing and watching as 3 QBs get reps in practice while he watches. Below are some updates on today’s practice...

Eddie Van Halen tribute:

Injury updates:

Four QBs:

Kyle Allen:

Dwayne Haskins Jr.:

Wide Receivers:

Wet ball drills:

Keith Ismael:

Joshua Garnett:

Ron Rivera: