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Ron Rivera Presser: Sometimes Landon Collins performs outside the scheme because he’s pushing to make things happen.

Ron Rivera speaks to the media

Ron Rivera made another appearance on Good Morning America and talked about dealing with his cancer treatments while coaching an NFL team. He has three weeks of treatments left and one more cycle of chemotherapy. He talked about having a strong support system in place. And also touched on the need to have affordable health care when dealing with something like this.

Good Morning America

Cancer treatment:

Health care:

Support system:

“It means a lot. You know, when I first was diagnosed, I was angry. People have reached out and talked to me and have given me their examples or just sent their well wishes. It helps push me forward and I think that’s so important. When you go through something like this, you need a support system. When you have the right type of people pushing you, man, I tell you what it really helps. It gets your momentum going forward.”

Coach’s Corner:

“That really hit me — cause Mickey was such a fighter. Just to see him again. That hit home — It was awesome.”

Rivera then spoke to local reporters later in the morning, and continued to talked about the effects of cancer treatment. He has to listen to his body when going through this, and said last week was a rough one for him. Rivera missed one practice, and didn’t participate in a post-practice practice another day. Treatments hit him hard, and he was also slowed down during yesterday’s game. The disappointing part for him is not being there for the guys when he misses time.

Rivera called it a tough situation for Dwayne Haskins Jr., but said there were some positives yesterday. Coaches want Haskins to handle protection calls better. Rivera also mentioned the 18 yard sack Haskins took, something that can’t happen when you’re in scoring range. He did make some good throws yesterday, and has shown growth.

Washington had some free agent workouts scheduled, but decided to cancel them due to COVID-19 concerns. There have been several cases, and an outbreak with the Tennessee Titans this week that led to two postponed games. Rivera wants to review their process, and maintain safety protocols for everyone.

Zoom Presser

Listen to your body:

Support system:

Rough week:

Dwayne Haskins Jr.:

COVID-19 protocols:

Cancelled free agent workouts:

Landon Collins:

First quarter grades:

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Scott Turner’s offense:

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