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Pig Pen Podcast: A Conversation with Bram Weinstein

The new play-by-play man of the WFT chats it up with one of our own.

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Week 8 of the NFL season is a bye week for the Washington Football Team which means it’s a bye week for the broadcast team, sort of. In the midst of a mini “vacation” Bram Weinstein, voice of the Football Team, joined me on this episode of the Pig Pen Podcast.

Weinstein and I discussed the challenges of of broadcasting during a global pandemic and what it’s like arriving at the stadium to a completely empty parking lot. We also peel back the curtain on the differences of calling a game in the stadium versus on a screen.

With the trade deadline being less than a week away, Weinstein addresses the long standing rumors of whether or not Ryan Kerrigan will get traded. There are rumors circulating that Dwayne Haskins could get moved at the deadline as well. Both of us come to a consensus that Haskins getting moved is unlikely.

Other topics discussed include: the star power of Terry McLaurin, Eric Reid declining a spot on the practice squad and the looming name change possibility for the team.

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