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Rile’d Up Podcast: Darrell Green On Being More Than The “Itty-Bitty Guy”

A WFT legend stops by the Rile’d Up Podcast to discuss faith, character, and success.

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Darrell Green and Champ Bailey Workout

On this edition of the Rile’d Up podcast, Washington Football Team legend Darrell Green takes time out to chat with our very own hosts, Tiffany and Allana.

Washington won two Super Bowls with Green, who is regarded as the best player in Washington Football History. He is a Hall of Famer, Walter Payton Man of the Year award recipient, NFL 1990s All-Decade Team corner, and he did it all as the “itty-bitty guy.” Green speaks to his mental fortitude and offers encouragement to a world of people trying to condition themselves for greatness.

Green believes that what this world needs most right now is an excelling Washington Football Team, however he does not see that happening in the near future. Green held no punches in examining the current state of Washington football.

On this episode of Rile’d Up, the Washington legend covers a lot of ground (as he once did on the football field!) and discusses a new venture he’s a part of, Halodine, which works to fight COVID-19 at the nasal cavity.

In addition, Green is a man of extreme faith and he shared with us his testimony and his path. He believes everything in today’s society would be a lot better if people treated each other with a respect and equality that God envisions for the world.

The last time Washington won a Super Bowl, Green was with the team, and they haven’t been able to get back to that level of play since. He points to the new character of players and the world in general as a detriment to breaking through this losing streak.

Green shares great Joe Gibbs stories and even offers his list of greatest Washington Players of all time. While the Dak Prescott injury was a very unfortunate blow, he likened Prescott’s contracts disputes with the Cowboys to the Kirk Cousins’ method of negotiations and proper business procedure.

If you watched Green throughout his career you are familiar with his attachment to tootsie rolls. Green talks about how he got attached to the brand that never endorsed him.

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