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Cult Of Colt: A Fun And Sexy Dallas Week

It’s Dallas Week! The Cult Of Colt is joined by Broman Chris to discuss being a holdout deep in enemy territory.

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Mike Sellers #45...

The Cult of Colt is back, with our very first special guest: Broman Chris! Chris, who is Gumbi’s brother, is a die-hard WFT fan, who current resides in the greater Dallas-Fort Worth area. We took the opportunity to connect with Chris to discuss the challenges of being a stranger in a strange land, and the challenges of staying Washington Football Team-strong while being stuck deep in enemy territory.

While we acknowledge things have been a little bleak: on our podcast the last few weeks, for this rivalry for the last few years, and the team for the last few decades, we gladly take the opportunity to lighten things up for Dallas Week. Acknowledging that “Dallas Week” may not mean what it used to mean, it does still mean... something. We take some time on this episode to figure out exactly what that is.

Remembering A Guy runs in the family, and Chris got in on the action, offering up his story of meeting an all-time underrated former-WFT player, Mike Sellers, who you’ll all be pleased to know, is not too cool to sign an autograph while enjoying pancakes.

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Gumbi: Dallas Week! Dallas Week! Dallas Week!

Gumbi: Love it.

Gumbi: Again, it's Dallas week. Like, I don't care. I don't care if

Gumbi: About many other weeks, especially when we're this bad of a team.

Bryan Stabbe: Yeah, I

Gumbi: Remember when Dallas was one and 15. The only when was versus US

Bryan Stabbe: Personally, no, I don't remember that.

Gumbi: It was

Bryan Stabbe: Like, I don't know about it.

Bryan Stabbe: Yeah.

Bryan Stabbe: I listen I'm I think it is okay for us to get all fired up. Okay, well, you know, we've been a little bit down. We've been a little bit out a little bit down and out.

Bryan Stabbe: Let's, let's try and let's try and get things going. Get a little energy here.

Bryan Stabbe: This is the Cult of Colt. Thank you all for tuning in. We got Ryan salary from hogs Haven. We got Gumby from. I don't know.

Gumbi: This podcast location.

Gumbi: And campus bird.

Bryan Stabbe: Yeah, there's Berg and we have a special guest this week. This is our very first special guest, I think we'll plan on having more of them.

Gumbi: Don't

Bryan Stabbe: Totally botched this thing. We're really we're sort of going in, we're dipping our toe in the water. This is one where we really can't screw it up. I feel

Bryan Stabbe: I don't know. That's at least

Gumbi: This lot of things we can screw up. This may not be one of them.

Bryan Stabbe: introduce our guest.

Gumbi: So we're lucky to have from Fort Worth area, no less than 20 minutes from at AMP T field, which is where the Cowboys stadium, my brother, bro. Man, Chris is on with us today.

Broman Chris: Well, I do live 30 minutes from the shopping mall, known as at&t stadium.

Broman Chris: Yeah, and as a lifelong Redskins fan. I do get to experience the Cowboys terrible, terrible lows after a loss, and I get to wallow in my misery as the Redskins struggle once again.

Gumbi: Football team.

Broman Chris: Washington. Washington football team.

Bryan Stabbe: I know it's on a used to it. I, I take it that that's not been received terribly well or even notably down in in Dallas.

Broman Chris: I don't think anyone has said a single word I do have hesitation about wearing a red shirt.

Broman Chris: Yes, because

Broman Chris: You don't want, you know, the Karen's popping out and saying, Oh, you're insensitive.

Bryan Stabbe: Okay, so here is so you once it was backup. So you are a Washington football team fan.

Bryan Stabbe: You are like

Bryan Stabbe: Me Down in the Dallas, Fort Worth area.

Broman Chris: For the last 16 years now.

Bryan Stabbe: With seniors and years you're still holding strong you have you ever at any point been like maybe I should maybe I should just give in and be a cowboys fan.

Broman Chris: Not a single second. Did I consider a cowboys now following bocce ball or tandem swimming potentially and not watching

Bryan Stabbe: The Raven it all.

Broman Chris: Just giving it all up. But if I were to watch football. It's got to be the Washington football team.

Bryan Stabbe: watching football team. Yeah.

Gumbi: Now before we continue with this line of wonderfulness that's coming to us from Dallas area. Yep. Savvy.

Gumbi: Yeah, what you're drinking

Bryan Stabbe: Um, well. As we have previously established on this podcast. This is a team that makes us drink. And so just about every single week.

Bryan Stabbe: We will be sipping on something special. I was very tempted to crack open the Dallas sucks. This week by wire Barker, we will do another as a teeth. This one I'm going to keep teasing this until we find

Bryan Stabbe: I, I decided to

Bryan Stabbe: Go a little bit of a different direction. During am I'm a big local drinker. I love our DC Maryland, Virginia breweries.

Bryan Stabbe: I think because we're going big energy. Today, we're going lifted we're going light we're keeping things fun and fun and smooth and sexy.

Bryan Stabbe: I'm having the sorbet by as Lynn.

Bryan Stabbe: brewery from Herndon slash Alexandria, Virginia. My personally am one of my favorite local breweries. It is a

Bryan Stabbe: very hazy very sweet.

Bryan Stabbe: Milkshake IPA from Aslin

Bryan Stabbe: Honestly, probably my top

Bryan Stabbe: 25 years I've ever had. I just, I just love it. I just friggin

Gumbi: Now I'm sitting here and we, I can see you, because we're doing this all over zoom it looks like milk but like be or milk. It's so hazy.

Gumbi: That looks delicious. Okay, that looks like something you can just pour on your body and then just

Gumbi: Lou for yourself up and make yourself feel nice and comfortable.


Bryan Stabbe: I mean right recommend it if you ever get the opportunity gets Maslin I mean just got to do it. It's so absolutely. It's fantastic.

Broman Chris: Looks like it looks like a meal in a glass. It's

Gumbi: fairly thick.

Bryan Stabbe: It is incredibly thick, thick and juicy and hazy, it's good.

Gumbi: I eyes are all good words.

Bryan Stabbe: I wanted them to keep

Bryan Stabbe: keep things light Gil will hop you'll sweep all sexy. I mentioned sexy already

Gumbi: Did you did, yeah.

Broman Chris: That's good. You can't mention sexy enough

Bryan Stabbe: Okay, well that's if there's one thing that the cult of cold is known for its. It is our sex appeal. So that's our thing so Gumby, what do you sit on.

Gumbi: Well, so I, as we've also established on this wonderful podcast is that I'm a little bit on the Maryland side when it comes to things.

Gumbi: aggressions aggressively so

Gumbi: Like I again I'm wearing another Maryland shirt today, like it's, it's, I may have a problem.

Gumbi: That I'm never going to change.

Gumbi: So I actually found it's called field notes.

Gumbi: Oh, it's actually from flying dog.

Gumbi: Okay, now, which makes it really cool is actually a tandem Maryland applying those were my favorite breweries right stumbling distance from my house when I lived in Frederick

Gumbi: Dangerous very dangerous even though, like a reenactment of civil war there one time. And I'll just out there. I just did shots of beard had a great time.

Gumbi: But what flying dog does it got with the University of Maryland. The agricultural school and did a collaboration and it's called

Gumbi: Field Notes and now it's a light, airy pale ale. It's not an Indian Pale Ale just a regular pale ale. It's not as hoppy but it's nice, it's I think it's only like around five 5.6% but it's a very fluorescent but also very goes under easy

Bryan Stabbe: And it looks like one of those, you know, Kevin Plank special Under Armour jerseys that the Maryland football team where it's it leans in pretty heavy.

Bryan Stabbe: Let me see. It's got the flag on the front and then also at the top. So it's probably what got at least half a dozen Maryland flags on it.

Gumbi: Oh, yeah, yeah.

Gumbi: We're on the flying dog.

Gumbi: Yeah, logos all around.

Bryan Stabbe: Maryland. Listen, I'm obviously biased. I think the brown bag is fantastic.

Bryan Stabbe: It. I think a lot of people

Bryan Stabbe: Substitute having a personality for like that. Yeah, like now flag, you know, and that was not a dig at you as it was coming out of my mouth, I read

Gumbi: It sounded like it was for

Bryan Stabbe: Your leg.

Broman Chris: Yeah, no.

Yeah. No tattoos.

Bryan Stabbe: Anyway, moving on. Chris, what are you today.

Broman Chris: So as we are in the Cowboys week and we're keeping it light.

Broman Chris: Yeah, in Texas.

Bryan Stabbe: And what else we gave it

Gumbi: We're keeping it light sexy.

Bryan Stabbe: sexy, sexy. Yeah.

Broman Chris: So this isn't as sexy as I would like it to be. But in Texas. I can appreciate because everywhere is a beer store kids that SELL LEMONADE in Texas actually also sell beer.

Broman Chris: So I have gone with the official cowboys beer Miller Lite where they have taken what used to be a desk Bryant's

Broman Chris: Imitation change the 88 two double zero and they have out of laziness or maybe just being vapid kept the can, so that after I finished drinking this very light beer with no taste. I can crush it and throw it in the recycling bin in honor of Dallas Washington football team, we

Gumbi: Need. So Ryan.

Bryan Stabbe: It feels like a bit of a metaphor like

Bryan Stabbe: That there's some there's something there.

Bryan Stabbe: You know, like, it's like it's fake. It's like it wants to be something that it's not, am I reaching here. I don't know.

Gumbi: No, not at all.

Gumbi: That's Miller Lite.

Bryan Stabbe: Yeah.

Broman Chris: Well, that is Miller Lite.

Bryan Stabbe: And that's the capital college football. Yeah.

Bryan Stabbe: Football. Yeah. So, so we're, we're all properly.

Bryan Stabbe: lubricated, as it were.

Bryan Stabbe: As you may know, it is is that last week and I'm, um,

Bryan Stabbe: I think it's interesting because around these parts I think Dallas week still means something. I don't know that it means what it used to mean some of it in my estimation, maybe

Bryan Stabbe: Maybe some projection, a little bit and maybe the idea of like trying to hold on to something that's no longer there, but you know it's it's sort of your ears perk u

three t shirt or a coolie

Gumbi: Teacher will or cult Brennan.

Broman Chris: Oh, cold Brennan.

Gumbi: Or Jason candle shirt.

Broman Chris: Jersey. Oh.

Bryan Stabbe: Okay, so we're

Broman Chris: Releasing Volta

Bryan Stabbe: We're, we're leaning into what's talk a little bit about our second to what you sipping on our favorite recurring segment.

Bryan Stabbe: We like to remember some guys like we're guy remembers right here. We don't have a name for this yet. We're gonna have to come up with one

Bryan Stabbe: Yeah, we're all about production values. Okay.

Bryan Stabbe: Chris, do you want to remember a guy.

Gumbi: Well, let me let me jump in and the guy.

Gumbi: Somebody

Gumbi: Who you can't buy their jersey in the store. Somebody who deserves to be remembered for who and what they've done for this team back in the day, you know, everyone's got the rigger jersey and we all love Riggo but that's an easy one pick somebody who's not Jurgenson

Bryan Stabbe: Yes, it's not

Bryan Stabbe: That you like to remember that other people wouldn't necessarily remember. Do you have one

Broman Chris: So I would, hands down, have to go with the man. The legend Mike Sellers.

Bryan Stabbe: Mm hmm. Mm hmm.


Broman Chris: fullback H back special teams player if you if you've done a little research on Mike Sellers, you realize that he went into professional football at 19 years old.

Gumbi: He was Walla Walla Community College.

Bryan Stabbe: I recall. Wow, that's, that's like my one Mike salary Walla Walla Community College of course walla

Broman Chris: Walla Walla, he was an All American linebacker mind you there went to the CFL played running back slash fullback

Broman Chris: Got all kinds of accolades and he signed with the Redskins, and immediately. I was like, who is this guy because I know that we talked about. There were a few guys like Brad average brought up like just someone that on the screen you see

Broman Chris: No matter how good or bad. The team is you're like, Wow, this guy brings it and he will play Smash Mouth multiple times on kickoffs punts whatever would be Mike Sellers would just destroy somebody and then he gotten that makes an H back. He was catching passes, he was being a lead blocker.

Gumbi: Man Pro Bowl.

Bryan Stabbe: You did they made a

Broman Chris: Made a Pro Bowl and we lost

Gumbi: The Walk leaving college

Gumbi: To this CFL undrafted signed to the, I think the first year, the practice squad turned into an H back fullback for the Redskins got cut went someplace for two years, came back when

Broman Chris: Cleveland.

Bryan Stabbe: You went back to the CFL and then came back to Washington, like

Gumbi: Made the Pro Bowl.

Broman Chris: And made the Pro Bowl.

Gumbi: But let me tell you my favorite and Chris, I, I love this choice because I love myself, man.

Gumbi: I got another one I got another story about him.

Broman Chris: Watching a game that I want to fill in.

Gumbi: Well then you, you go to shark is not the same.

Broman Chris: Story. So there was a defensive back I believe his last name was Denton for the Miami Dolphins, so as the story when Mike Sellers went down on the kickoff and Denton cheap shot at him.

Broman Chris: Like spirit him.

Gumbi: Well,

Broman Chris: I think it was ribs, but he heard him and he heard him enough where he should have been out of the game.

Gumbi: He broke so he

Broman Chris: I think he cracked a rib and he injured and pretty bad. The very next kickoff. You see Mike Sellers just he did not. And I don't advocate for this, but he did not. He was not focused on who caught this kickoff whatsoever.

Broman Chris: He focused in and lasered in on Denton, and he destroyed him and then after he absolutely destroyed him.

Broman Chris: He walked off the field and then the sideline reporters like Now Mike Sellers is out for the game. He had he had to get that done first, like things like that and lead blocking and making catches and getting first downs. I just respect to kind of dirty work.

Gumbi: And did you meet him at an I-Hop.

Broman Chris: Funny enough, funny story enough as those jerseys. You can't buy in the store I fortunately enough was gifted a mike Sellers jersey and there was a little soiree at a local establishment.

Gumbi: That we

Gumbi: Have written

Broman Chris: At a local establishment and after the soiree I went to go eat and there was the man. The legend himself Mike Sellers with who I would believe was his agent definitely another not another football player. And I was like, Ah, here's Mike Sellers. So I grabbed and I help menu. And I was like,

Broman Chris: I might. Can I get your autograph, big fan. The other guy at the table said no. Mike doesn't do that Mike had a huge smile on his face. He's like,

Broman Chris: Yeah, come on. Let's do

Broman Chris: Yeah, signed it made it happen. Quick fixture, you know, don't want to be like annoying to it and then Mike Sellers paid for our meal.

Broman Chris: Wow. The man. The legend Mike Sellers and I had this Jersey before that meal payment happened so

Broman Chris: I was already in

Gumbi: Concert investment.

Bryan Stabbe: He yeah that's a fantastic pick because like he was good and like

Bryan Stabbe: Pretty underrate. I mean, he made the Pro Bowl when we, when we talk about that, but like that he was a later I on listen this is this is the Homer and me. I think he should be in the Ring of Honor. I really do think you should be in the Ring of Honor.

Gumbi: Like right

Bryan Stabbe: He, you know, like, and will this is a way to put a pin in this one because there are of the time that he was on team, not so many guys who like you still feel really great about like you're like yeah like that guy was good and like fun and

Bryan Stabbe: He was good and fun and it's good to hear that he's a nice guy. He where you're at least that interaction.

Bryan Stabbe: With Mike says okay that is fantastic that that puts me, you know, we talked about being fun and sexy loose Mike Sellers get three fun and sexy and lose that feels. That's good. Okay. Yeah.

Broman Chris: unless unless you're getting from Miami.

Broman Chris: Then it makes you feel hurt and

Broman Chris: eviscerated and said that you even tried to challenge a man like Mike Sellers and the

Gumbi: Guy was what he was but six 511 and six one.

Gumbi: Not so I

Bryan Stabbe: Know,

Broman Chris: But, and then he was

Gumbi: There's like 240 like he was a thick, dude. And they kept saying they were like, oh, he's listed at 225 and then like everyone else would laugh at that because he was just, he was like, you like Sponge Bob square pants. He's very thick he come across and hits you and everybody got hurt.

Gumbi: This man he player.

Broman Chris: And he could do that and he could catch out of the backfield he could block and even make good blocks. He could run down the field on special teams like I really think we put them at linebacker he would have been just fine. Like, no doubt.

Gumbi: He's what the NFC used to be.

Bryan Stabbe: Yes, yes.

Gumbi: They're going to hit you in the face. You knew. They're coming. Do something about it.

Broman Chris: And that goes back to

Gumbi: That depth.

Broman Chris: Yeah. Many people knew about him, but we knew about him, and we had him which

Broman Chris: Also brings up Lorenzo Alexander

Bryan Stabbe: Which

Gumbi: Oh this Haley. No, no.

Gumbi: You don't get to you don't

Gumbi: Don't take our other people

Bryan Stabbe: Sorry if you're using a multi time pro bowler I think I don't

Gumbi: Know, yeah.

Gumbi: Yeah, oh yeah, especially they usually

Broman Chris: Don't do em.

Gumbi: Don't take what mean

Broman Chris: It hurts. It hurts too much.

Gumbi: It does. But let's not let don't take it all in for somebody else.

Broman Chris: Alright, Sellers all Sellers all Sellers.

Gumbi: Sellers all the time.

Bryan Stabbe: Chris. This is fun. I'm glad I'm glad you're able to stop by. Appreciate you offering a little bit of perspective, you're fighting the good fight down there in Dallas or the Fort Worth greater Fort Worth area.

Bryan Stabbe: You know, I can imagine it is easy to be a fan. I mean as hard as it is to be a fan of Washington football team in Washington. I can't imagine that it's that much easier in Dallas so appreciate you for it.

Broman Chris: Well, I appreciate you guys and surprisingly enough, it's I want it to be more fun because when it's more competitive. It's way more fun.

Broman Chris: At this moment, not a lot of conversation going on about it, but I'm going to stick with our squad and I'm going to see it through. And this is Dallas week

Broman Chris: So if anything can come out of it. I want to be able to go to everyone, whether they're paying attention or not and say, Hey, we got you no matter what happens, this year we got you this week.

Gumbi: But, but before we end this lovely week

Gumbi: And prepare ourselves for this victory.

Gumbi: Here, Dallas week Chris bro, man. Let's say we were to have one last game.

Gumbi: At a venue that has been tried and true to all of us at the RF K stadium.

Gumbi: Would that be something you'd be interested in as a fan.

Broman Chris: Would I be interested in being in stains that are a rockin

Gumbi: Know stance, because it may fall apart on us, but

Gumbi: We


Broman Chris: 1,000,000% I would tune in. I would be on it. I would get a t shirt about it last game at RFA, I would love the nostalgia. And I think that the fans deserve it, because one. It is a sacred place and two because FedEx field is

Broman Chris: FedEx field and

Gumbi: Good are

Bryan Stabbe: Rhonda so

Bryan Stabbe: Whoa.

Broman Chris: Let's do it.

Broman Chris: Like Sellers can do the coin flip.

Gumbi: Yeah. Oh my god. Mike says to bring in the flag like he used to just hold the American flag.

Gumbi: Usually the flag holder was all

Bryan Stabbe: I'm here for it, where we obviously you're here for it.

Bryan Stabbe: Listen, thank you all for tuning in. I put a little teaser out there if you're still with us.

Bryan Stabbe: Highly recommend you pay attention refresh your, your feed wherever you're getting your podcasts were available and a lot of places Stitcher, Spotify Apple podcasts, the whole thing obviously hogs haven't got a very special.

Bryan Stabbe: Episode coming up, not from us. Tiffany annoyed riled up podcast has a very special guest coming on soon. I don't want to steal her thunder. I'm not going to tell you who it is. I will tell you if you are a fan of this team.

Bryan Stabbe: You will be excited because it's a good get okay it's a good get so stay tuned below. Who could it be, could it be

Bryan Stabbe: I don't know.

Gumbi: But, but I know it's not Mike Sellers or Brad Edwards, but we want them on this podcast. So if

Gumbi: You want us to people.

Bryan Stabbe: Yeah, if you know how to get in touch with Mike's always a rat Edwards, please tell us because we have things we want to say to them, this is not one of them, too. So you have the we've narrowed it down just a little bit. Stay tuned. We got we got good stuff coming

Bryan Stabbe: Chris again. Thank you.

Bryan Stabbe: Thank you.

Bryan Stabbe: We're

Bryan Stabbe: Keeping it what I say.

Broman Chris: Sexy

Gumbi: By us lots of excitement

Bryan Stabbe: Yeah, this was this was good. I'm feeling rejuvenated.

Bryan Stabbe: We'll see. How we feeling next week, but

Bryan Stabbe: You know, whenever, whenever I this Dallas week so for these two chuckleheads. This is Bryan salary from Hogs Haven and you have been listening to…

Broman Chris: The Cult of Colt!