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NFL teams going for 2-point conversions at a record rate in 2020, but, so far, it’s not paying off for Washington


NFL: Washington Football Team at New York Giants Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

According to the Associated Press, never before have NFL teams gone for 2-point conversions as often as they have this season. It turns out that the 58 attempts through six weeks are the most at this point in the season since the NFL adopted the 2-point conversion in 1994.

Here’s some detail from Pro Football Talk:

[T]he league {is] on pace to have a total of 161 two-point conversion attempts this season. Last season there were 113 two-point conversion attempts across the league. Last year teams went for two on 8 percent of all touchdowns, while this year teams are going for two on 11 percent of all touchdowns.

Teams have converted exactly 50 percent of two-point conversions this year after converting 48 percent of two-point conversions last year.

NFL kickers make 94 percent of extra points, so the two-point conversion is a slightly more successful play, on average, than kicking the extra point: An extra point kick will net, on average, 0.94 points, while a two-point conversion will net, on average, 1.0 points.

Of course, Ron Rivera made a high-profile decision to go for 2 against the Giants on Sunday, not in an attempt to try to tie the game, but to win or lose on the final play. It didn’t work out well for his team.

In fact, the Football Team has failed on every two-point attempt they’ve run this season.

Per, Washington is tied for 4th in 2-point attempts per game, with 3 attempts in the six games played. Only three teams have attempted more, and two of them are in the NFC East. Minnesota has attempted 8, Philadelphia 7, Dallas 5, and Washington 4.

It has worked out better for those other three teams than for the WFT, however, with the Vikings converting 6, and the Eagles and Cowboys converting 3 each.

Washington has failed on every 2-point conversion attempt this year.

Do you have any theories about why the Football Team can't convert from the 2 yard line?