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Scott Turner/Kyle Allen Pressers: Washington’s available WRs will have to adjust and get ready to do things they wouldn’t normally do

Scott Turner and Kyle Allen speak to the media

NFL: Washington Football Team at New York Giants Vincent Carchietta-USA TODAY Sports

Offensive Coordinator Scott Turner talked about the injuries that are piling up at wide receiver. The group was already young, but will now likely have two guys from that practice squad called up to replace Antonio Gandy-Golden and Isaiah Wright. The offense will have to make adjustments, be flexible and get players ready to do things they wouldn’t normally do.

Turner talked about the spacing issues that a lot of people have been pointing to in recent weeks. He basically blamed the receiver for not running the plays as they were designed, but said the spacing has generally been good. Another complaint about his offense is they haven’t been taking shots downfield enough. Turned blamed this on the Giants defense and their ability to prevent big plays. He didn’t want to “force it”.

Turner won’t underestimate the Dallas Cowboys defense even though they are one of the worst in the league this year. He said they still have good players who can make plays every week.

Scott Turner Presser

Wide Receiver:

Spacing issues:

“There have been some times where we’ve had to make some adjustments. Maybe a guy will slow down a little early or maybe make a break a little short and the spacing will be off. But I think for the most part, it’s been good. I think some of those things you talked about with down the field, that’s something that we’ve talked about. Obviously, we’ve talked about it in these sessions with getting some throws down the field. Last week against the Giants, their defense is really geared toward preventing those types of throws. They had only given up 13 throws over 20 yards going into our game. I think we had three, which is about the average of what they had been giving up. Certain defenses are going to give you certain things. It’s not wise of you to try to force it, but that’s definitely an area we need to improve.”

3rd downs:

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Kyle Allen said the team has been putting a big emphasis on playing better on third downs. They improved last week, but need to continue to play better every week. He takes all the blame for his fumble last week, but quickly moved on to try to put the team in a position to win the game. He felt like he let the other players down, and he expects more from himself.

Press Conference: Kyle Allen

Kyle Allen spoke to the media about how he has improved in the offense, Coach Rivera's mentality and more.

Posted by Washington Football Team on Wednesday, October 21, 2020

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