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Podcast: Rivera goes for the win, recapping with Mark Tyler

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NFL: Washington Football Team at New York Giants Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

Ron Rivera made the right call. Rivera is no stranger to polarizing decisions in his short time as head coach of the Washington Football Team. The decision to go for the win rather than play for overtime was the right one.

That’s not based on analytics, forget analytics. Rivera made the right decision because he showed up at Metlife Stadium to win a football game.

A blind man could see that the 2020 season hasn’t been anything spectacular for the Football Team. When Rivera made the decision to bench Dwayne Haskins Jr. in favor of Kyle Allen it was a bold move, a move that we’re still feeling the ripple effects from.

The decision to attempt a two-point conversion rather than kick the point after kick the point after didn’t just stay true to Rivera’s mentality of attempting to win the NFC East. It also was a very obvious sign that the coach trusted his offense.

As bad as the offense has been through the first six week – and boy has it been bad – giving the group of young players the vote of confidence could go a long way, regardless of the outcome. Remember, this is technically a rebuild year right?

Hindsight is 20/20 of course, but regardless of hindsight, the ball should’ve went to Terry McLaurin. He is and always will be the best player on offense until otherwise noted.

Mark Tyler joined on this podcast to share his thoughts on Rivera’s decision as well as expand on this week’s “Studs and Duds” following the loss to the New York Giants.

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