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Ron Rivera Presser: “I think my messaging has been consistent”

Ron Rivera speaks to the media

Ron Rivera doesn’t have any updates on three Washington Football Team players who left yesterday’s game[Saahdiq Charles(knee), Antonio Gandy-Golden(hamstring), and Isaiah Wright]. He did mention that AGG could miss a few weeks, but he has to meet with Head Athletic Trainer Ryan Vermillion later today. He was especially disappointed in Charles getting injured on his second play as a pro. Rivera said he blocked the Giants best pass rusher on the first play, and he has so much potential.

Rivera is trying to teach the team how to win, and also instill the culture he wants in Washington. He’s not sure if they have all the pieces right now. Even though the wins have not come, Rivera likes that a lot of young players are playing a lot right now and learning and growing together. They’re the ones tasked with helping create the culture Rivera envisions.

Rivera said going for two to get the win showed that he believes in his players, and it teaches them to play to win. But he said that if the game was at home in the same situation he probably would have kicked the extra point and went to overtime. Rivera said his aggressive “Riverboat” mentality came from a conversation he had with John Madden, and you have to have a mentality to drive to win. He doesn’t want to hear about his message being inconsistent and he doesn’t feel the need to keep explaining himself for his decisions this season.

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