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Rile’d Up: Will Benching Dwyane Haskins turn him into EJ Manuel or Mark Rypien?

Rile’d Up Episode 20 With Former NFL Wide Receiver Brice Butler

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Washington Football Team v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

On this episode of Rile’d Up, Tiffany and Allana were joined by former NFL wide receiver Brice Butler. Butler weighed in on the decision to bench Dwayne Haskins and the mental impact it may have on the young quarterback.

In a recent interview, Joe Gibbs, mentioned that Ron Rivera’s decision to bench Haskins could grant Washington “Mark Rypien-esque” results. While this would be the outcome Washington fans everywhere would love to see, Butler offered the comparison of the Bills decision to bench EJ Manuel.

Butler started his career with the Raiders and went on to spend a number of years with the Dallas Cowboys. While at the Cowboys he became friends with quarterback Dak Prescott. Prescott suffered a season ending injury and Butler spoke to the character of Prescott and his mental fortitude through a plethora of obstacles in his young career and life.

Many fans and analysts found displeasure in the Cowboys decision not to make a deal with Prescott in the previous offseason and Butler was one of those in support of Prescott getting “paid” coming out of his rookie contract.

Tiffany and Allana got Butler’s opinion on the woes that Washington continues to face and Butler shed light on Washington’s reputation among free agents and potential off season prospects.

Butler spent five years in the league, and now he has one of the biggest up and coming Youtube channels. He’s quickly grown his subscription to 16,000 and is covering golf in a new and innovative way. In this episode he discussed his desire to bring a love of golf to communities of Black children who see the sport as unattainable.

He predicts Washington will be able secure another win in the Giants matchup and assures fans that while things look bad, the NFC East is still up for grabs.

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