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Scott Turner Presser: It’s a unique situation with Dwayne Haskins Jr.

Scott Turner speaks to the media after today’s practice

NFL: Washington Football Team-Training Camp Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Washington Football Team Offensive Coordinator Scott Turner was not a fan of the play that got QB Kyle Allen hurt this week. Allen scrambled to the sidelines to make a play but caught a helmet-to-helmet shot from Jalen Ramsey that took him out of the game. Allen’s official injury was to his shoulder, but he took a huge unnecessary hit to the head. Turner used words like reckless, selfish, and boneheaded when describing the play.

He doesn’t think that Sunday was a good indication of where QB Alex Smith is in his return from a broken leg almost two years ago. In practice he is more mobile, and can push the ball down the field more. Turner compared Smith’s return to Teddy Bridgewater who suffered a devastating, potentially career-ending knee injury.

Turner hasn’t had a chance to talk to Dwayne Haskins Jr. since he was sent home from the team building, but will reach out soon. He says he just found out that Haskins was still sick and wasn’t able to practice today. The young QB was obviously upset about being benched last week, and Turner says it’s a unique situation.

RB Antonio Gibson is continuing to learn and grow in the system. He already has more rushes in the NFL(55), than he had in college at Memphis(33). Turner would also like to give Peyton Barber more opportunities to add a physical component to the offense.

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