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Kyle Allen Presser: We’re still in a great spot in the NFC East

Kyle Allen speaks to the media after today’s practice

NFL: Los Angeles Rams at Washington Football Team Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

Kyle Allen agrees with Offensive Coordinator Scott Turner, he shouldn’t have dove to try to get a first down on Sunday. The play resulted in a helmet-to-helmet hit from Jalen Ramsey that knocked him out of the game. He knows he needs to protect himself more. He returned to practice today, and plans on starting Sunday when Washington visits the New York Giants. He knows that despite being 1-4, they are still in the race for a historically bad NFC East.

Allen liked how the offense was performing against the Rams at the beginning of the game. They are trying to emphasize big plays, they just have to actually hit them...

Kyle Allen Presser


Playing Sunday:

Offense vs Rams:

Big plays:

NFC East:


Starting QB:

Coach’s trust:

LB Kevin Pierre-Louis said that players are positive heading into this week’s game despite being 1-4. They are ready to turn things around this week. Pierre-Louis wants to continue allowing the defensive line to rush the passer more effectively. That kind of production forced turnovers, which turned into scoring opportunities for the offense.

Kevin Pierre-Louis


Defensive line:

Cole Holcomb hasn’t been active since Week 1, but sounds like he’s ready to return very soon. He said the defense needs more consistency, and everyone to be in position. While he has been injured, he has studied film, and focused on the mental side of the game. Giants QB Daniel Jones isn’t the fastest QB in the league, but he knows from playing against him in college that he can still move.

Cole Holcomb


Defensive line:


Studying the game:

Daniel Jones: