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Daily Slop: NFC East Still Up For Grabs After Week 5; Charley Casserly doesn’t think Washington should trade Dwayne Haskins

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Los Angeles Rams v Washington Football Team Photo by Patrick McDermott/Getty Images
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Chris Cooley thinks Washington will struggle to trade Dwayne Haskins | RSN
Despite believing Washington will struggle to find a trade partner for Haskins, Cooley does believe the team will ultimately end up dealing him before the end of the month's deadline.

"He'll get traded," Cooley said. "He'll absolutely get traded."

Washington’s secondary has a problem, but it’s not communication

President’s Weekly Brief: Avengers Of Innovation – Assemble

Charley Casserly doesn't think Washington should trade Dwayne Haskins | RSN
Washington's former GM gives perspective on the Dwayne Haskins situation.

5 Takeaways From Washington’s Game Against the Rams

Burleson has Smith as Comeback Player of the Year ‘right now’

“I’ll take Alex Smith as the Comeback Player of the Year right now,” Burleson said on Monday. ”This was an injury that, it transcended rehabbing and trying to get back on the field to ball out for your squad. You started hearing all these reports about him possibly losing his leg, him fighting just to keep his leg, forget about playing again.”

NFC East Still Up For Grabs After Week 5

Dan Orlovsky: “Alex Smith has Earned the Right to not be fed to the Wolves” | My Take - Rated Redskins Radio