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Washington Vs Los Angeles - Studs and Duds

NFL: Los Angeles Rams at Washington Football Team Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

In my 30 plus years of watching Washington football, this was one of the worst offensive performances I can remember. I’m sure there were much worse losses, but this one, for whatever reason, really stood out.

The offensive line is a complete mess - led by Wes Martin who may have played the worst game by a guard I can remember watching in the last decade. Coming into this contest, he was ranked 67th out of 72 guards in the NFL. I have to believe after this performance that he’ll be dead last! The defense wasn’t much better, as linebackers consistently gave up huge chunks of yards to opposing tight ends - a trend most diehard fans are quite used to by now.

Regardless of who we point the finger at(which I will do below), this was an awful loss, and it raises more questions about the future of this once-proud franchise.

Below are my Studs and Duds, followed by some notes.


Montez Sweat - Sweat was one of only a handful of players who decided to actually show up today. He had eight tackles, one sack, a quarterback hit, a forced fumble, and a major hustle play when he chased down a Ram to save a likely touchdown. He now has three(should be four) sacks over five games.

Kendall Fuller - Fuller had a decent day in coverage and recorded another interception, his third of the season. He had four tackles and two passes defended.


Wes Martin - Martin played about as poorly as I can remember an offensive lineman play since the Eagles’ Winston Justice was completely embarrassed by Osi Umenyiora. Yes, he was often going against the best defensive player in the NFL, but he too is a professional football player - or so I thought. He NEEDS to be benched ASAP! If I were him, I’d consider pulling a Dwayne Haskins stomach bug issue during film session this week.

Jeremy Sprinkle - At this point, is it even worth bringing him up as a dud, because he’s rendered himself completely irreverent. But, the drop was inexcusable and I hope we never throw to him again. This should be his last year in an NFL uniform.

Thomas Davis Sr. - Despite playing a lot of snaps, Davis recorded ZERO tackles. He looked slow, indecisive and is clearly a liability at age 37.

Jon Bostic - Bostic had a horrendous day; both in coverage and tackling(or lack there of). It was really embarrassing by the veteran defensive leader. We already know he can’t cover, but the missed tackles were very concerning.

Scott Turner - Listen, I get it - it was pouring rain, the O-line absolutely sucked, and you had a quarterback in the game who probably shouldn’t be playing...but to not even attempt a pass over 20 yards until late in that game is simply irresponsible! The amount of three and outs this offense generated is simply embarrassing.

Ron Rivera - Ron has been a little flip-floppidy with some of his game management early in the season. The decision to not go for it on fourth and a half yard early in the second quarter was baffling. The team needed that momentum, and frankly, if you can’t get a half yard in this league, you deserve to lose. I also didn’t like the decision to not play Kyle Allen in the second half even though he was cleared to play. Ron stated he was trying to protect Allen, but the dichotomy there is that he puts in Alex Smith, after he’d seen our left guard get absolutely mauled by Donald, yet he’s CONCERNED about “protecting” a player???


- Chase Young was “eased” back into action Sunday, but you can see the talent the rookie has. He blew up a few plays, once completely destroying a guard in the backfield. He was also in coverage and made a play against Kupp downfield. He had a nice tackle for loss.

- Landon Collins should become our WILL linebacker - and that’s all I have to say about that.

- Ronald Darby has continued to play really well on the outside this season. He had five tackles(a really nice one on Higby) and a pass defended against the Rams.

- Jonathan Allen had a solid day on the interior, posting eight tackles and a pressure.

- There is a milk carton add out for Antonio Gandy-Golden...No one has seen him in weeks!

- So, it OK to replace Troy Apke, but NOT Wes Martin?????

- Maybe it’s time to start playing everyone’s 2019 darling Cole Holcomb.

*I know they are our rivals - but prayers go out to Dak Prescott!