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Pig Pen Podcast: Fred Smoot joins to preview matchup against Baltimore


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St Louis Rams v Washington Redskins

This weekend will either be filled with joy–having to pinch yourself type of stuff–or a second half spent watching through finger goggles. The latter seems more likely this week. Playing a really good football team after a really bad loss rarely ever turns out really fun for the Washington Football Team.

Washington Football Team great, and host of the Bleav in Washington Football podcast, Fred Smoot joined me this week to help breakdown this week’s matchup against the Baltimore Ravens. Smoot pointed out a few things from the first three weeks that he’s liked and a few things that need to change.

We also talked briefly about Sean Taylor–this may have been the best part of our conversation.

This is the first week in the 2020 season I’m not predicting a WFT winner. I hope I’m wrong, but it’ll be tough.

Prediction: Baltimore 28, Washington 17

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