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Scott Turner Presser: Dwayne Haskins needs to focus on making the right play, instead of the big play

Scott Turner speaks to the media after today’s practice

washington Football Team Offensive Coordinator Scott Turner wants to see more consistency throughout games. Game have had good quarters or halves, but they haven't played a complete game yet.

Turner said that Dwayne Haskins Jr. can't put the ball in harm's way and has to focus on making the right play, not the big play. He wants to see his young QB stack good decisions, and flush the bad plays immediately to move onto the next play.

Undershirts have been a quirky story to start the year due to multiple players being slowed down or stopped by a defender grabbing the loose clothing. Antonio Gibson and Haskins have both lost yardage because of it. Turner says it has been discussed with the team, and he doesn't want it to be an issue again.


Dwayne Haskins Jr.:

Tuck your shirt in:

Ravens defense:

Isaiah Wright:

MVP Tress Way got a chance to talk to the media today and said he really misses the fans on gameday. Instead of the pop from the crowd for after a good punt, he hears the pop from the pads as guys collide on special teams.

Ron Rivera has everyone's respect as he undergoes cancer treatment while coaching the team. Way praised his attention to detail, and his ability to zero in on the game, even when things aren't going well.

Tress Way


Ron Rivera:



Postponed game:

Jon Bostic also got a chance to get on the Zoom mic after practice. Jack Del Rio has done a good job stepping in for Ron Rivera when needed. The message doesn't change when he's in charge, and the coaches have a standard they expect. There can't be any drop-off from the players. The team is definitely rallying around Coach Rivera.

Jon Bostic

Jack Del Rio/Ron Rivera:

Washington defense: