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Jack Del Rio Presser: “In order to be a great defense, you have to be a great tackling unit”

Jack Del Rio speaks to the media after today’s practice

Philadelphia Eagles v Washington Football Team Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images

Defensive Coordinator Jack Del Rio spoke to reporters for the 2nd day in a row. Head Coach Ron Rivera was not at yesterday’s practice for cancer treatment, and left today’s early because he wasn’t feeling well. Del Rio steps in to lead the team and time Rivera isn’t there or isn’t able to. He doesn’t expect Rivera to miss Sunday’s game, but he is prepared to take over, even mid-game, if he needs to. Del Rio encouraged Rivera to take care of himself, and told him the team would make him proud if he wasn’t there.

Del Rio made the focus of today creating turnovers, and dubbed it Turnover Thursday. “Turnovers come in bunches” and he wants to get back to forcing them after getting none last week. The team’s tackling has been ok during the first three games, but it will remain a priority.

Injury Update:

Ron Rivera:

Filling in for Rivera on game day:

Fabian Moreau:

Turnover Thursday:


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