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Is Dwayne Haskins Trying to do Too Much With Too Little?

NFL: Washington Football Team at Cleveland Browns Scott Galvin-USA TODAY Sports

There has been tons of talk this week about Dwayne Haskins regressing(I’m guilty too in my film breakdown), but did anyone think he’s just trying to do TOO much with so very little?

Sometimes, even for the great ones, you have to sit back and let the game come to you - even if your supporting cast isn’t the best...

For young Haskins, I feel he is pressing a bit too much, and putting a lot of pressure on himself to try and make plays, often when there simply aren’t plays to be made.

Excuses can me made, and in this piece I will make some - but the point is; he need to be better. So how can he get there?

Supporting Cast:

Here’s the part where I do make some excuses...

Aside from Terry McLaurin, the Washington Football Team has no skill players that opposing defenses fear.

You can essentially play man coverage against this football team, and simply bracket McLaurin with the extra defender. This makes life a WHOLE lot easier for the front six or seven, and takes a lot of pressure off both linebackers and safeties.

Offensive Skill:

Terry McLaurin - As I said above, F1 is a LEGIT talent and top 15-20 WR in this league at his young age.

Dontrelle Inman - Wouldn’t start on another NFL team.

Steven Sims Jr. - Maybe considered a team’s fourth option...but on 90% of rosters, he’s be a ancillary piece at best.

Antonio Gandy-Golden - Raw rookie with upside, but he wouldn’t start on any NFL team(with the possible exception of the Jets).

Isaiah Wright - Big-bodied receiver with decent upside, but needs polishing with routes and work at his stem. Would not start for any NFL team.

Logan Thomas - Stiff in and out of breaks and doesn’t like to block. Has a VERY difficult time creating seperation(as we’ve seen over the last two weeks). TE3 on a decent NFL squad.

Antonio Gibson - Ton of upside to this rookie, but he’s still learning the nuances of being an NFL running back, as he barley even saw traditional carries there in college.

J.D. McKissic - He’s a gadget guy with some giddy-up...

Offensive Line:

Geron Christian Sr. - Bottom 5 starting left tackle in the NFL. Career back-up on an average NFL roster.

Wes Martin - Bottom 5 starting left guard in the NFL. Career back-up on an average NFL roster.

Chase Roullier - Our most consistent lineman over the last 3 years. Top 10 center in the league with room to grow.

Wes Schweitzer - Bottom 5 right guard in the NFL. Career back-up on an average NFL roster.

*obviously Brandon Scherff, when healthy, changes this position - but he’s not been able to STAY healthy.

Morgan Moses - When healthy, he has the ability to play at a high level. Middle-of-the-pack NLF starting right tackle.

*Overall, I’d rate the Washington Football Team’s overall offensive talent and supporting cast in the bottom three of the NFL.

Before we get on to Haskins himself, I need to make one more set of excuses...Then I’ll be done - I promise!

Haskins has just 10 career starts to his name. This is after garnering just 14 starts at the collegiate level. In those 10 starts, he’s had three different offenses to run(two he’s had to learn from scratch) and three different head coaches(technically). He also had no in-person offseason this spring/summer to learn the new system that has been implemented under Ron Rivera and Scott Turner. So essentially, he’s a rookie all over again.

Now, let’s quickly compare him to another young quarterback who was drafted to a poor team and had accuracy and turnover issues over his first 16 career starts in the NFL...

Josh Allen - Yes, believe it or not, during his rookie season(11 games started) and even a few games into his second year, there were some people who were saying Josh Allen would never make it in this league and that he was already a bust!

Over his first two seasons, Allen was a 52.8 and 58.8 percent passer respectively - and he turned the ball over quite a bit in his first 16 games as a starter. Allen threw just 10 touchdowns versus 12 interceptions in 11 starts as a rookie.

In his second year after his first four games, he had 3 touchdowns with 6 interceptions - the team won three games in spite of him.

...Then it all started to come together

Now, imagine if the Bill had given up on him, instead of building around him?

So on to Haskins...

As I said earlier; and I tweeted this early this morning too...

Let’s take a look...

In this clip below, you see the Browns in a Cloud Zone, and no one is coming open. Instead of trying to force the ball into an opening that’s not there, Haskins needs to simply dump the ball off to his running back, who you can see leaks out to the right a few seconds into the play, and learn to live for another play. This is what’s called “taking what the defense gives you”.

On this next play, watch McKissic release into the right flat. He clearly has a few steps on the linebacker and if thrown to, should easily be able to convert the first down. Notice that Logan Thomas gains NO separation on his out route and is NOT open. Again, this is an example of Haskins forcing the football instead of taking the easier read.

This final negative one is just a case of Dwayne not trusting his eyes.

There are positives though with the young gun-slinger.

Watch Haskins go through his progressions here and throw a strike for the touchdown!

Here, Haskins stands tall in the pocket, looks to trust his protection and places the ball in a perfect spot to Sims Jr.

It is my opinion that Haskins is trying to do too much with a very weak, young supporting cast. When young quarterbacks press, bad things often happen, and I think that’s what we saw against Cleveland.

I have said that we can’t fairly judge Dwayne until he’s at least got a full season of starts under his belt in this new offense. We all knew coming in that this was not going to be a good offensive football team, but most expect progression from week to week.

Let’s see if Haskins can learn from his mistakes and take the next step forward in his progression over these next 13 games.


Have you lost faith in Dwayne Haskins?

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