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Redskins and Senior VP of Football Ops Eric Schaffer agree to part ways, Rob Rogers hired to replace him

Change of plans

Washington Redskins...

Officially Official

Rob Rogers hired

Ron Rivera has taken full control of the Redskins and he continues to shape both the coaching staff and the front office.

He replaced Kevin O'Connell as offensive coordinator with his former QB coach from the Panthers Scott Turner. O'Connell was considered the early favorite, but Rivera made a few hires on the offensive staff, and eventually hired his guy. He has hired multiple coaches from his previous coaching staff, and also brought Head Trainer Ryan Vermillion with him.

There were early reports that Senior VP of Football Ops Eric Schaffer had been fired. These reports were quickly disputed, then clarified. Schaffer was going to stay until May, after the NFL draft. More reports came out that Schaffer was offered a contract extension in the fall, but they couldn't agree on money. Now he is out earlier than expected per Ian Rapoport.

Jason La Canfora previously reported that Scaffer could be replaced by Panthers Executive Director of Player Finance and Football Research Rob Rogers. Rapoport says that Rogers will be the top candidate to replace Schaffer, giving Rivera one of his guys in the front office.