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Rile’d Up Podcast — Ron Rivera and the Tricks Up Dan Snyder’s Sleeve

Tiffany and the Uninterrupted’s Chuck Walton discuss Dan Snyder’s New Year and what the future holds for the “Mighty-Mighty Redskins.”

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NFL: Washington Redskins-Head Coach Ron Rivera Press Conference Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

A lot has happened for the Washington Redskins, in the short amount of time since the start of the New Year. Dan Snyder has made big business moves in the signing of Ron Rivera as head coach.

Rivera wasted no time making his mark, and got the ball rolling by hiring a slate of new assistants that will bring changes to the team. In short: he’s showing that he means business. Tiffany and Uninterrupted’s Chuck Walton discussed Rivera and Snyder’s new moves and what they mean for the Redskins.

Meanwhile, the role of President and General Manager remains vacant. It seems that Snyder may be making it clear that this is Rivera’s team in 2020.

Tiffany and Chuck threw out the name Tom Coughlin as a potential GM, as well as the Chiefs Mike Brogonzi. Walton believes that the days of the heavily depended on GM, might be behind us.

While the Redskins are looking at a very high draft pick and a list of quarterbacks in the upcoming draft, Walton has his eye on D.C.-native Chase Young out of Ohio State. He sees a great homecoming story in the drafting of Young, but is not opposed to picking up a wideout with that pick.

Tiffany and Chuck have a feeling great things are around the corner in Washington and Ron Rivera might be the guy to polish the young Dwayne Haskins.

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