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The All-Purpose weapon: A Steven Sims Jr. film session

With more opportunity late in the season, Steven Sims Jr. came on strong for Washington. What to make of his potential as a Redskin’ moving forward?

NFL: Washington Redskins at Dallas Cowboys Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Redskins receiver Steven Sims Jr. did not start the regular season as a valuable weapon for the Redskins offense, but he finished the season as just that. Once just a specialist, returning kick-offs, and being used as a gadget player, Sims has shown signs of being a much bigger piece for Washington.

Although Sims only had 34 receptions this year, the last four games were his most significant. His snap percentage was at its highest, he started two games, had 20 catches on 36 targets, and four of which were touchdowns. Given that he played the most in his last four games, I took a look at Sims’ last three games to highlight the good and bad.


Sims is very agile in close quarters, hard to cover at or near the line of scrimmage. This is particularly good for operating in the middle of the field and in the red zone. Sims awareness is very high, most times he is successful at finding both the zone holes in front of or behind a defender (typically the linebacker) and sitting in them for the quarterback to make the right throw. Additionally, Sims is aware of where the first-down sticks are and makes the depth of his routes consistently near the first-down marker. Sims has proven season-long that he is an all-purpose playmaker, he has the potential to be Julian Edelman or Tyler Lockett in that regard.


He values catching with his body more than a receiver comfortably should, which in-turn causes very avoidable drops. Sims runs his routes with more urgency when he is higher in the quarterback’s progression. These are two negatives that are not stains on him as a player and can quickly be mitigated with more attention to detail.

Future in Washington:

Steven Sims Jr. is a formidable slot threat for the Washington Redskins. This season, a lot was lost for Washington when Jordan Reed missed the entire year due to injury. There was no threat in the middle of the field or anyone who can challenge the linebackers. However, Sims has the ability to become a slot threat and a quarterback-friendly receiver immediately. He is a safety valve for any quarterback under center for Washington, and his targets reflect that as well. Whoever the offensive coordinator will be in Washington, utilizing Steven Sims will be a joy, it will be vital that he averages anywhere between 6-8 targets per game to show his true value offensively.

Full Steven Sims film session:

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