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Dan Snyder almost hired Rick Smith as team president before getting Ron Rivera to run the Redskins

It's Ron Rivera's show now

Oakland Raiders v Houston Texans

Dan Snyder and Ron Rivera made it very clear during Wednesday's introductory Presser that this version of the Redskins is going to be molded in the head coaches image. Snyder likened it to other teams like the Patriots and Seahawks who have coaches with a lot of control in the way their team is run.

The Redskins reportedly won't make any front office changes until after this year's draft in April. Eric Shaffer will reportedly be out in May, and the team will have to figure out how to fill their GM and Team President jobs, if they fill them at all. Kyle Smith and Doug William's are internal candidates for promotions, but Snyder has definitely been vetting outside candidates as well.

Adam Schefter reports that one of the outside candidates that has been mentioned a lot in connection with the Redskins was very close to closing the deal to be the team's new team president. Former Houston Texans GM Rick Smith and Snyder met multiple times, and discussed rebuilding the franchise. Snyder ultimately went with Rivera, and a coach-centric power structure.

Smith and Redskins owner Daniel Snyder had multiple meetings in the Bahamas, formulating a vision for the struggling franchise, according to sources.

Sources familiar with the situation expected a deal to get done and Smith to be in charge of the Redskins.

But Snyder ultimately opted to run his franchise through his head coach instead of a president, bestowing the power to Rivera, who was officially hired Wednesday.