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Rile’d Up — Is Chase Young What’s Best For the Redskins?

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On this episode of Rile’d Up, Tiffany and guests discuss the potential of the team under Ron Rivera’s leadership, and why Chase Young might not be the right pick.

Allana Barefield and Isaiah George joined Tiffany to discuss. Barefield is the current secretary of the National Association of Black Journalist Sports Task Force. She’s worked most recently with Beyoncé’s company Parkwood Entertainment, and ESPN the Undefeated. George who works in production for ESPN, returns for his second episode of Rile’d Up.

Barefield feels as though the addition of Rivera is great, not only for the Redskins’ field of play but also for optics in a league lacking minority head coaches. The three can agree that there needs to be a bigger spotlight put on potential minority head coaches, as those jobs don’t tend to go to individuals lacking notoriety.

Many college football and National Football League fans are interested to see where Chase Young and Joe Burrow go in the upcoming draft, however, the Redskins gaps in the offensive line may require them to go for a less flashy player at number two.

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