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Official: Redskins hired Panthers Head Trainer Ryan Vermillion to replace Larry Hess

First of many former Panthers staff getting interviewed?

CAROLINA PANTHERS David T. Foster III/Charlotte Observer/Tribune News Service via Getty Images

UPDATE: Redskins continue making changes to their medical/training staff

Officially Official: Redskins hired Head Athletic Trainer Ryan Vermillion

The Redskins have reportedly interviewed Carolina Panthers Head Athletic Trainer Ryan Vermillion for the same job with them. Larry Hess was the team’s head trainer for the last 17 years but was fired last week as part of the sweeping changes happening with the Redskins. Trent Williams, and some former players, have had serious issues with the Redskins training/medical staff over the years, so this was a necessary move.

Ron Rivera was officially introduced as the Washington Redskins head coach today. The team has only announced one other coaching hire, new Defensive Coordinator Jack Del Rio. Only a handful of coaches are being interviewed to possibly stay with the new regime, including Offensive Coordinator Kevin O’Connell. The team also needs to fill the head trainer position, and establish a hierarchy in the front office to work with Rivera who will reportedly have a big influence in the organization. This is the first of many interviews to happen.