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Ron Rivera plans to meet with Trent Williams about his future with the Redskins

What’s next for Trent Williams and the Redskins?

NFL: Washington Redskins vs New Orleans Saints Photo by Toni L. Sandys/The Washington Post via Getty Images

Bruce Allen has been fired. Head Trainer Larry Hess has been fired. Ron Rivera has taken over the Redskins as the new head coach. Changes have been coming fast and furious to the team since the end of the season, and a lot more will happen before Rivera’s first season starts in September.

One of the big questions this year will be what happens now with holdout left tackle Trent Williams. He ended his hold out right before the trade deadline, but the Redskins never traded him. He accrued a season for last year, leaving one year left on his contract. The Redskins placed him on the Reserve/NFI List which ended his season(without pay), and further fractured his relationship with the team(and owner Dan Snyder). Will the firing of Allen and the training staff be enough for Williams to come back to the team he said he’d never play for again? Should the Redskins want him back, or attempt to trade him for much-needed draft picks?

Trent Williams has reportedly softened his “never going to play for the Redskins again” stance, and according to a source, it’s a possibility. Ron Rivera was asked about the 7-time Pro Bowl LT today, and he left it open for future consideration. Rivera has a plan to sit down and visit with him. He also acknowledged that he has to talk with the powers that be. If Trent is all in on a return, the Redskins would need to redo his contract that has one year and no guaranteed money left on it. This would eliminate and immediate need for this season at LT. The team currently holds the #2 pick in the draft, and early projections have them taking DE/OLB Chase Young from Ohio State.

“Well that’s something I’m interested to sit down and talk with the powers that be, the folks that are going to get together and discuss that as we go forward,” Rivera said. “I have an idea of how I want to sit down and visit with him.”