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Pig Pen Podcast: A New Era is Here!

The Demon is gone, a Savior is here!

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NFL: Carolina Panthers at New Orleans Saints Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

It’s a new day in Ashburn. For the first time in way too long it feels good to be a Redskins fan. Hope has been restored.

The team not only successfully completed an exorcism, riding themselves of a demon, they quickly found a savior of sorts to implement a “damn good culture.”

With Riverboat Ron-or Ron Burgaundy as we’re calling him-and Jack Del Rio on their way to town I breakdown how they’ll change our defense with the pieces we have. While I’m still 100 percent on board with taking Chase Young at No. 2 I did stumble upon what we’ll call a yellow flag when it comes to taking Young.

Plus, what should we do with Trent Williams and Alex Smith. All of that is covered on this edition of the Pig Pen Podcast.

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