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Hogs Night: A Porkcast — Ripping Off The Band-Aid, A 2019 Season Review

We knew it’d be painful, but at least it’s over. Now it’s time to heal.

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NFL: Philadelphia Eagles at Washington Redskins Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

Another season, another decade, and another “era” is in the books. Bryan from HH, Dr. Jones, Beege Roomba, and Nedbot Neal are back on the horn with another episode of Hogs Night: A Porkcast to offer our reflections on the 2019 season, the end of the Bruce Allen era, and the beginning of Riverboat Ron Burgundy’s tenure at the helm.

We kick things off by reflecting on highs and lows of the season, and acknowledge that the 2019 Washington Redskins maaaay have peaked a little early, namely 30 minutes into their week one matchup against the Eagles. While there is a bright side in not being a .500 team, there certainly is some collective optimism about the prospects of “Spooky” Scary Terry McLaurin in the years to come.

Similarly, with the end of the semester it’s time to give Dwayne Haskins his report card. There were some differences of opinion on how he graded out, ranging from a C/C- to a “gentleman’s B” — if you’re grading on the curve. Maybe next time around he’ll come to office hours a little bit more and we can see a bump in his QB GPA.

Finally, the big news of the young offseason was of course not just Bruce Allen’s ouster as President/ Failson In Chief, but the heads that rolled all the way down to the training staff. While there is a general enthusiasm for Ron Rivera coming in and throwing out the locker room ping pong table, Bryan has a general skepticism of whether or not the conventional wisdom of treating grown men like college kids is what might right the ship.

We want to thank all of you for tuning in this season and hope you’ll keep an eye (or rather, an ear) out in your feed as we have some fun stuff planned for this offseason!

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