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The new Hogs Haven T-shirts have arrived!

Check out our brand new merch!

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Last week, we launched the Hogs Haven FanShop. The online store includes our BreakingT shirts, plus some great items from around the web and the local Washington, D.C. area.

Now the Hogs Haven shirts are back! They used to be available way back when, and haven't been seen since currently MIA Redskins LT Trent Williams used the logo for his Hogs 2.0 shirts years ago.

Hogs Haven logo shirts come in two color options: white and grey. Sizes range from small to 3XL; it’s unisex sizing with a snug fit. The shirts are made out of a premium, lightweight blended crewneck (60% cotton/40% polyester) and they’re durable, yet ultra-soft.

Looking for more Washington apparel? Visit our new Hogs Haven FanShop for jerseys, hats, and more!