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FOX Sports COMPLETELY Disrespects the Washington Redskins!

The Washington Redskins are one of the NFL’s oldest and most storied franchises, dating back to 1932 when they were originally founded as the Boston Braves. Since then, the team has won five world championships, including three Super Bowls.

The turn of the century has not been kind to the franchise however, as owner Daniel Synder has become a Bobo doll for national media outlets all over the country, and the controversy around the team’s name continues to push hot buttons with many. It doesn’t help that the team has not been very good ON the field either.

But, the Redskins are still part of the NFL’s 32 teams, and that will not change.

Well, according to Fox Sports: NFL, the Redskins are basically meaningless! In what I’m sure was done with full intention and malice, Fox Sports tweeted out this image last night before the Packers/Bears game with the phrase tagged, “Guys, we made it!”, and the heading “FOOTBALL IS BACK” on the photo.

Notice something about this pic?

Yep, you got it - not one Redskins player is in this montage. EVERY other team is represented BUT the Washington Redskins! Actually, the Atlanta Falcons are represented with TWO players!

A simple oversight you say...I THINK NOT!

So, for all you conspiracy theorists out there, do you think this was done intentionally, or is this just an oversight by a $600 million media giant?

How about the phantom call (or non-calls) on the field by refs? Does all this make you think a bit about the hatred the league and its affiliates have for our team? Can you now see that maybe some of the hate is real and the league wants the team to fail?

Whatever the case, what was done last night by Fox Sports was COMPLETELY unacceptable, and someone needs to bring attention to this!