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Redskins Rumors: Jay Gruden's job is not on the line today, no coaching changes expected

Welcome to gameday morning rumors

NFL: Philadelphia Eagles at Washington Redskins Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

The rumors started earlier this week that Jay Gruden and Greg Manusky's jobs were on the line if the Redskins lost to the Giants today and dropped to 0-4. There are many legitimate reasons for them both being on the hot seat. A week 4 firing is pretty rare, but the Redskins have been getting handled by teams this season, so something’s gotta give.

Ian Rapoport is reporting that there won't be any coaching changes this week, and Gruden and Manusky's jobs aren't on the line. He did point out that that could change later in the year, but the Redskins aren't hitting the eject button on Gruden's hot seat quite this early in the season. Gruden will reportedly ride it out with the staff he has, which means Manusky is also safe for now.

Rapoport also added that a QB change could be coming if Case Keenum has another turnover-filled game like he did vs the Bears on Monday Night. He doesn't say which of the backup QBs would be the next man up if Keenum is benched.

The plan for today is to have 1st round rookie QB Dwayne Haskins Jr. as the backup with Colt McCoy inactive. McCoy just returned to practice this week and Gruden made it sound like it could be another week or so before he would be fully ready. There have been many reports coming out that Gruden doesn't feel that Haskins is ready, and they would prefer to treat this is a redshirt year to get him prepared for the NFL. McCoy has been with Gruden since 2014, and knows his system inside and out. There will likely be pressure from above Gruden to play Haskins earlier than he'd like.