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Rile’d Up Podcast — Where Did It All Go Wrong?

Looking to the Past to Understand the Present

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Matt Turk

A crushing Monday night loss poses the question; where did it all go wrong? To truly gage the years of disconnect, Tiffany caught up with Edward Hill Jr. Hill has been a member of the DMV community since the early ’60s and has seen the team through many regime changes and it’s ups and downs.

He served as Howard University’s Sports and Information Director for 33 years and was inducted into the College Sports and Information Directors of America Hall of Fame. He’s helped foster many careers in the industry of sports ranging from coordinators at Under Armor, to directors of communications for the Los Angeles Lakers .

Hill brought up the illustrious history of the Redskins and the Joe Gibbs era that showed a unique and innovative football that has been missing from the Redskins today. He doesn’t see much hope for the future of the ‘Skins’ seasons, however, the change this team might need, is not a change of scenery, but a new name. As he discussed what many are calling the “Redskins curse,” that will only be cured with a name change... however, a simple GM and coaching change might do the trick.

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