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Report: Redskins offered Brandon Scherff contract extension worth more than $13 million per year

What will it take to keep Scherff?

Washington Redskins v Chicago Bears Photo by David Banks/Getty Images

One of the most frustrating things about following the Redskins is their lack of ability to acquire and retain talented players. Brandon Scherff could be the latest example if they can't work out a deal soon.

It was reported back in July that the Redskins had offered Scherff multiple contract extensions, but the sides were far apart. No numbers were given for the offers at the time.

The Redskins want to get a deal done with Brandon Scherff, and haven’t been shy about their desire to lock up the Pro Bowl offensive lineman. There have been reports that the team has discussed an extension with the teams Pro Bowl right guard. The team exercised the 5th year option for the guard they used the 5th overall pick in the 2015 draft on. He will play this year for $12.525 million. He will be a free agent next year unless the Redskins lock him up now, or use the franchise tag on him after the season.

Ian Rapoport is reporting that the Redskins are still trying to extend Scherff, and have offered him more than $13 million per year. He adds that it won't be a surprise if Scherff tries to test free agency.

"From what I understand about Brandon Scherff is that the Redskins have had some contact with him, some negotiations on a potential big-time long-term extension,” Rapoport said. “But they really have not gotten very much off the ground despite the Redskins offering him a contract worth more than $13 million per year, which would put him about at the top of the guard market. Those conversations are going to continue but don’t be surprised if Brandon Scherff goes toward free agency and becomes the highest-paid guard in the NFL going forward next offseason.”

The Redskins don't have many top players at their position, but Scherff is one of those players. Losing Scherff would be a loss for the offense and the Redskins in general. Can they give him a deal that will keep him from hitting the open market? Would they use the franchis tag on him next year(~$15 million)? Does Scherff even want to stay in Washington?