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Counter Trey Podcast: Surprises and Failures - Let’s Go To The Tape

In this episode, we break down film of Washington Dallas and discuss the Redskins mishaps along the way to an 0-2 record

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NFL: SEP 15 Cowboys at Redskins Photo by Mark Goldman/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

It’s been a tough start to the season for the Washington Redskins. At 0-2, inconsistencies have plagued Washington at the start. More infuriatingly, especially for the fans, has been the overall play of a unit expected to be a key cog this year: The Defense. The Redskins defense has been a major disappointment through two games.

However, after breaking down film of the past weeks game against Dallas, it’s not just about the players. Greg Manusky and the coaching staff have not put players in positions to be successful or play to their strengths.

Jay Gruden has not indicated that he is considering making a change at defensive coordinator but, if he wants to keep his job moving forward, it should be considered. There are several in-house candidates that have helped and can continue to help the ‘Skins moving forward.

We discuss this and more in this edition of The Counter Trey Podcast.

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