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NFL Officiating is Ruining the On-Field Product!

NFL: New England Patriots at Buffalo Bills Timothy T. Ludwig-USA TODAY Sports

We have complained as a fan base about calls, and non-calls, by officials against the Redskins. Obviously, as fans, we feel OUR players are often unnecessarily targeted - or in the case of Ryan Kerrigan...ignored.

But look around the league and you’ll see that the officials are completely taking over, and sometimes even ruining, games!!!

Now, these next two tweets are funny and a bit ironic, as Tom and his team have GREATLY benefited from officiating over the years, and the officials will do everything in their power to protect their “Golden Boy”. One could even argue that officiating helped them to two titles!

Still, Brady has a POINT.

Troy Aikman also joined in on the action...

You’ve heard it said many times in the past that holding can probably be called on almost every play in the NFL, but the officials are taking that to a new level this year...

Former players, as well as local and national media alike are jumping all over this issue...

Now, I’m just a pee-on in the giant social media sports age, but just like many out there, I do have a platform, and I will try and use that to bring to light an epidemic that many believe is ruining the NFL’s on-field product.

I urge fans to go on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram...etc and voice your displeasure to the @NFL at @NFLOfficiating and tell them your fed up with the way these games are being called!

Will it make a difference; probably not, but at least let your voice be heard!

Let these men play!