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If Trent Williams Won’t Return, what are the Redskins’ trade options?

Who needs a LT?

NFL: Washington Redskins at Philadelphia Eagles Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

We all know sources can be wrong, but this Trent Williams situation is getting quite ugly and something needs to happen one way or another.

JP Finlay recently mentioned(with a wink, wink added in), that if the Redskins think they will eventually win this stare-down with All-Pro left tackle Trent Williams, they are sadly mistaken. Despite some recent reports from DeAngelo Hall(AKA - Trent Williams’ mouth piece) that Trent may return to the Redskins sooner than later, Finlay is now saying it will not happen, per sources - likely ever, and that the Redskins need to move him.

If this is the case, Bruce needs to act swiftly to trade the disgruntled tackle, while he can still get some value. The 2019 trade deadline is October 29th, so the Redskins still have some time to move him this season, but they need to start getting some things lined up if this is going to happen.

Below are some teams who still could be on the market for a starting left tackle.

Jaguars - Starting left tackle Cam Robinson has been recovering from off-season knee surgery, and also missed the team’s first two games of 2019 after hyperextending his other knee before the team’s opener.

Broncos - To say Garett Bolles has struggled this year is a massive understatement. The Broncos’ coaching staff has not given up the former 2017 first round pick, but his leash is getting shorter by the minute.

49ers - The 49ers are off to a surprising 2-0 start, but losing left tackle Joe Staley to a broken leg is a massive issue the team must address. For now, the plan seems to plug in rookie Justin Skule and see how it goes from there.

Browns - Former Rams first round bust Greg Robinson is the Browns current starting left tackle. Robinson is serviceable, but far from great. For an offense as explosive as the Browns are capable of being, the one position they may be severely lacking is a true left tackle.

Patriots - Wynn is the current starter(and he is now battling turf-toe), but I will never, ever count these guys out - especially when it comes to making their team better by adding an All-Pro type player.

If what Finlay is suggesting is true, where should the team move him, and what can we expect to get in return?