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Redskins Injury Update: Derrius Guice and Caleb Brantley to IR, Colt McCoy somehow remains on the active roster

Jay loves Colt

NFL: Washington Redskins at Philadelphia Eagles Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

Officially official:

Roster moves had to be made as the injuries have started piling up already. RB Derrius Guice is being placed on IR for the second year in a row for a knee injury that required surgery. The Redskins probably hope to get him back later in the season. Guice had surgery to trim his meniscus and was listed as out indefinitely after an initial 4-8 week estimate.

Defensive lineman Caleb Brantley will also go to IR after re-aggravating a foot injury he suffered this summer. Gruden described it as a mild Lisfranc, which seems impossible for a 300+ lb NFL lineman.

Who isn't going to IR today? Colt McCoy...