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Hogs Night: A Porkcast — Can The “Young Bunch” Become The “Fun Bunch?”

The Redskins receivers are inexperienced, but is their youth a liability?

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Washington Redskins High-Five Photo by © Wally McNamee/CORBIS/Corbis via Getty Images

The NFL season is in full swing and the Hogs Night: A Porkcast crew is back to get the ball rolling with our first live show from Bent Twig (be sure to tip your servers!) With the final 53-man roster fully selected, we offer some thoughts about how the Redskins roster is constructed this season, and while there weren’t that many surprises of who stayed and who was left “looking for their next opportunity,” we’re left to discuss the almost jaw-dropping lack of experience at wide receiver. With just a little over six seasons of combined experience between them, can the “veterans” Paul Richardson (6th professional season) and Trey Quinn (2nd season) lead the rookies (Terry McLaurin, Kelvin Harmon, and Steven Sims) as they look to develop into a cohesive unit and create some opportunities for Case Keenum to succeed?

Whether this can be framed positively as “full of potential” or “lack of tread on the tires,” or negatively as “inexperience” or “untested” it’s clear that the position group is a Rorschach test for how one can view the team’s outlook this season.

Similarly, there was a notable absence from the final squad as the Josh Doctson experiment has finally come to an end. We reflect on Docton’s tenure with the team, what it says about Washington’s draft er acumen, and what they can do (and in some cases have done) to avoid the dreaded “bust” label on their high round picks.

Finally, we have a discussion of entering Dan Snyder’s “third decade” as owner of his boyhood team as inspired by some terrific writing from Adam Kilgore at the Washington Post. Seriously, if you haven’t read this piece yet, stop everything and check it out. The Porkcast crew, having almost exclusively been fans to coincide with Snyder’s tenure at the helm have a few thoughts on some of the sources quoted (“Snyder as someone who behaves the way a little kid imagines a rich person acts”) both anonymously and on the record.

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