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The Audible presents After the Whistle

Ken, Kevin and Tim get the season started right in the basement on the official Redskins podcast of Hogs Haven.

NFL: SEP 08 Redskins at Eagles

I know it was a terrible first week for Redskins fans for so many reasons. If you want to see me and my boys get this season started in the basement the right way (with a bottle of Bulleit Bourbon), give us a watch. We kept it to half an half. That’s a theme.

Join us every Tuesday night to talk about your favorite televised drama—we promise not to sugarcoat what is going on. In fact, there could be some cracks in the Jay Gruden armor for the first time in the basement.

As always, thanks for watching, and I will do a better job of getting these posted up on the site going forward. We should still be able to have fun being Redskins fans, and to me, this is how we do it.