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Report: Redskins sign CB Simeon Thomas from the Seahawks practice squad, Waive Greg Stroman

More CBs!

Oakland Raiders v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Alika Jenner/Getty Images

Officially Official: Redskins confirm all the reported moves, and LB Darrell Williams was also cut from the practice squad

UPDATE: TE J.P. Holtz is also being waived and the Redskins are also signing DT T.Y. McGill

UPDATE: Greg Stroman is being waived/injured

The Redskins will reportedly sign CB Simeon Thomas from the Seattle Seahawks practice squad. Fabian Moreau continues to deal with an ankle injury that was in a cast for weeks, and he was inactive for the Eagles game. The Redskins had 5 CBs active on Sunday.

This likely means the Redskins will be going with 5 WRs on the 53-man roster, with all of them being active on gamedays. The Redskins waived Robert Davis to make room for TE J.P. Holtz due to Jordan Reed’s concussion. Davis was brought back, but signed to the practice squad. If Reed gets cleared this week those roles could reverse, and Davis could be brought back up. The Redskins roster is fluid right now, and they are dealing with at least a half dozen injuries that could affect what the team looks like when they host the Cowboys on Sunday.

Simeon Thomas was a 6th round pick by the Cleveland Browns in 2018. He was released at final roster cuts, and claimed by the Seahawks. They then released him, and re-signed him to their practice squad. Thomas(6’3”, 200lbs) is a long corner that needs time to develop.

The Redskins also reportedly worked out former 2016 Tampa Bay Buccaneers 2nd round pick Noah Spence.