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The Trent Williams holdout continues, and we're getting nowhere fast

It's still ugly

Washington Redskins v Tennessee Titans Photo by Frederick Breedon/Getty Images

The Trent Williams holdout continues as Redskins training camp is almost over, and the first preseason game is tonight. There is no end in sight, and nothing positive to report if you are hoping to see Williams in a Redskins uniform Week 1 against the Eagles.

JP Finlay came out with an update that rehashes some previously discussed reports after talking to his own sources.

“He’s not coming back. Period,” said one source that had spoken directly to Williams.

That's a pretty definitive statement from that source, and matches some previous reports that Williams is refusing to play for the Redskins again. If that's the case, the Redskins have two options, let Williams sit out, or try to trade him.

Finlay's sources then get into the reasons for Williams' holdout. The sources, who have been getting Williams' side of the story, say it's not all about the money. Trent's lost faith in the front office and the medical staff. But he also throws in that money might be the only way to fix the situation.

Again, these are all things we've heard reported before, and this puts us back at the table for a potential deal to be worked out with Williams.

Finlay then talks about the Redskins reported stategy to get Williams to report to the team. They will simply fine him until he shows up, and he will also start missing game checks if his hold out continues into the season. Finlay's source found this strategy funny, and the threat of losing $500,000 or more was of small consequence to Williams who has made almost $100 million in the NFL.

There’s also the threat of not being on the Redskins roster before Week 1, which means Williams’ 2019 salary will no longer be fully vested. “Not a concern,” according to those in the know.

This really puts the Redskins in a tough situation if Williams is digging in and ready to ride this holdout as long as he needs to. The Redskins have made moves to prepare for the possibility that Williams isn't there Week 1. They signed Corey Robinson and Donald Penn to play tackle, and also got Geron Christian Sr. back from injury.

On the other side of the holdout, you have the Redskins contending it's all about the money for Williams:

Word from some inside the Redskins organization suggests that the holdup actually is all about money. How that could be fixed remains to be seen, but those with direct knowledge of the Williams’ camp suggest a resolution would require a new deal. It’s hard to envision a scenario where the Redskins would do a new deal, as it would set a new precedent for Bruce Allen to rework a contract that has two years remaining. Washington historically only works on extensions in the last year of a contract.

It doesn't sound like this mess is getting fixed any time soon.


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