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Jay Gruden Redskins Presser: Three QBs will play vs the Browns

Jay Gruden answers questions before today's practice

Washington Redskins Training Camp Photo by Scott Taetsch/Getty Images

Jay Gruden stepped up to the podium as the Redskins prepare to have their last training camp practice before Thursday's preseason opener against the Browns in Cleveland. Gruden knows who the starter will be, but said 3 QBs will play including 1st round rookie Dwayne Haskins. Colt McCoy is fine after being held out of the end of practice to get treatment for his foot. It looks like we will have to wait another week to see rookie OLB Montez Sweat in action. Derrius Guice could also only see limited action during the preseason.

QBs vs the Browns:

Colt McCoy:

Dwayne Haskins:

"We’ll see how he does in a game. It will be kind of cool to see him in a game. We’ll see how he does. We’ll see how he’s taken what he’s done on the practice field to see how it transitions into a real game situation. And how he handles the huddles and cadence, anticipation, accuracy – all that good stuff.”

TJ. Rahming:

"Yeah, I think these preseason games are very important for a guy like that. I think he’s shown flashes of being a really, really good slot receiver. He has excellent hands. He was very, very productive at Duke. He knows how to run routes, set up guys. We’ll see how he shows up in a game.”

Derrius Guice:

“I think he’s preparing himself, whether he plays in this game or not will still be determined. We could wait another week or two for him but he’s ready to go. He’s explosive, done some really good things so far and I think we still could be a little bit more patient with him but he looks great right now.”

Slot CB:

"Yeah, right now if we started it’d probably be Fabian [Moreau], but still Jimmy [Moreland]’s done some great things in there. Of course, we got [Greg] Stroman who can still play in there. So, there is competition in there for sure.”

Injured players:


Donald Penn:

”Yeah, I think he’s a veteran, yes, but I still think he needs to play a lot. He played a little bit early for the Raiders last year. But just getting back into the groove. You’ve got to get back into football shape, work on his pass sets going back to left tackle, getting used to out terminology, cadence, all that. I think this will be a good game for him to just get back into the flow and get used to the way we talk [about] things, listen to our language and go from there. So far he’s progressed along pretty good.”

Trent Williams: