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Dwayne Haskins Redskins Presser: "I'm thriving man, I'm just having fun with it"

Dwayne Haskins answers questions after today's practice

NFL: Washington Redskins-Training Camp Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Dwayne Haskins answered questions following yesterday's practice. He's listed as the #3 QB on the Redskins unofficial depth chart. He is behind veterans Col McCoy and Case Keenum.

Keenum also spoke yesterday and talked about the QB competition, learning the Redskins offense, and developing chemistry with his new team.

Colt McCoy was scheduled to appear at the podium yesterday, but he went to the trainers for treatment for his foot instead. He was held out of the end of practice. His presser was reportedly pushed back to today.

Learning from the veteran quarterbacks:

”It’s figuring out the small things, the little details of how a corner’s looking on a certain coverage, how to read it a certain way versus a certain coverage, just little small things that I wouldn’t know. They do a great job with that."

Veteran lessons on preparation:

”I thought I did a pretty good job studying before I got here. The meetings are pretty long every day, so we go through pretty much everything throughout practice; a lot of possible scenarios, every play. It’s like nothing we don’t go over in meetings. It’s a great job getting ready for the next day of practice.”

Colt McCoy/Case Keenum:

Browns game:


Alex Smith:

Rookie skit:

Comfort under center:

"In high school I was under center, so it’s not unfamiliar territory to me. I did a lot in college, shotgun in college, so that’s what I have been doing for the last couple of years. I actually think it’s easier for me to be under center because it makes me tempo my drop better, makes it easier to time up a route because we’re in sync. When you’re in shotgun it’s all about getting the snap, how do you catch the ball, and how do you identify the safety and it really has to be fast on your feet in shotgun. I like under centers because one, I’m tall and then two, I can just push back for depth to see the field.”

QB competition:

"I’m thriving, man. I’m just having fun with it. I mean, I’m not a seven, ten-year vet, so of course those guys have a better understanding of what they’re doing. But, I mean, I use that as an advantage because I can ask them, ‘What are you seeing? How would you handle this? And they do a great job helping me, so, I mean, I know that I’m going to play when it happens, I’ve got to be prepared and ready for it. But, I’m rooting for everybody – rooting for Colt [McCoy], rooting for Case [Keenum], rooting for everyone and want everybody to do well.”

Case Keenum

Comfort in the offense:

“You know, I feel good, I feel good about where I’m at. Not good enough though, I guess you could say. You know, there’s still a drive. I know I can get more out of myself, I really do. It’s tough in practices; you know, you try to get the move the ball periods, two-minute drives, you try to get into rhythm, but I’m learning. I’m learning so much, man. I mean, everyday I come out of meetings and we have so much knowledge in that room with all those guys. You know, my notebooks are getting filled up. Out here everyday it’s – something new comes up, you learn a new situation, you see a play a different way and missed some that I definitely want back, but they’re great learning experiences. Any time you can have it out here instead of, you know, Week 1, 2 all the way to 16, 17, it’s a growing experience and I think I’m growing, I think the offense is growing, and I like more where I’m headed, I would say, more than where I’m at.”


Limited reps:

"I don’t know if I look at it that way. I’ve competed in this league for a long time. I’ve had to share reps everywhere I go. Do I want them all? Yeah. I want to take all the reps. I know I have to stand behind and I’ve got to pretend that I’m in the rep. I’ve been at places where I was competing for the back-up and I traded days. I had a day off and then I got the back up reps the next day and I didn’t like that at all, so the fact that everyday we are getting out there and competing and getting reps, not just mental reps where I’m watching, but actually in it too. It’s been good.”

QB Competition:

"It’s part of the business. I think we have some pride as a position group together. I think that when we as a group are better, the whole team is better. We push each other and we push ourselves. We all want each other to do well because that reflects better as an offense and that reflects better for our coach – [quarterback] coach [Tim] Rattay, [offensive coordinator] Kevin [O’Connell], all those guys. So I think we all want to play well and we all want each other to play well at the same time.”

“You know it’s always different. There’s a lot of different situations that can come up. Being in L.A., when Jared [Goff] was drafted number one overall, similar type deal. But that was a whole new offense we were putting in, at that point, had a new coordinator. With me, Dwayne, Josh and Tim, we’re the new guys in the quarterback room, we haven’t been here for five years like Colt has, or Jay or the offense has been. At the same time, the offense has kind of evolved in different way too. There are thousands of variables in there that make it different.”

Developing chemistry in training camp:

"It’s different, man. It’s different everywhere. I think there are certain guys that I look out there and I just know how they move. I can read their body language and it just clicks. Some guys it takes work. But those guys that take a lot of work, that’s been some of the best receivers I’ve ever played with and the connection we had was great. For example in Minnesota, I didn’t get any of the first team reps until Week 2, and I was starting the rest of the year, and we got it going pretty quick. There were certain guys that it clicked instantly and then there were certain guys it took a while for them to get going too, so it’s different every time. But there are priceless reps going on right now. The mistakes we make out there, we learn from those, we grow from those, we sit there and talk to our coaches, we talk to the receiver about it, we talk to the line about protections and then we get to go walk through it afterwards. So, the fact that we’re getting all these reps now at training camp and learning through these things is priceless. I think the chemistry is definitely building. I think that’s what training camp is for.

Who he's clicked with:

"It’s different for different guys and it’s different on different routes for different guys – certain schemes, certain plays and it’s nice that there’s players like Jordan Reed and Trey [Quinn], Josh [Doctson] that have been in this offense and know what it’s like. So to go talk to those guys like, ‘OK how did you see this so I can see it like you see it so that I can be ready to throw when you put your foot in the ground and go, or when I see you drop your weight here, I know I can put it to this spot because that’s where you’re going to be.’ The timing and rhythm of that stuff with all of those guys and it’s been so good, it’s hard for me to list one or two guys, but I think the receiver room is competing their butts off. They’re playing so well. The tight end room is special. Running backs have done a great job catching the ball out of the backfield. All of those guys have been doing really well and I think protection-wise where we’re getting to with the offensive line, I think that’s coming along really nicely.”

Chase Roullier:

"Yeah the connection is really important, you know Chase obviously was not a part of a lot of the Spring drills so it was really nice for him to come in and you know we got to take our relationship to the next level when I get to actually get to take a snap from him. So, I’m excited about him and just having a veteran guy there who knows the system and the protections and you know makes me right a lot of the times even when I’m wrong. I’ve got a lot of love for my centers, I think that’s a special bond that a lot of people never get to have and he’s my guy, man. I like Chase, all those guys that have played center and we’ve been rotating a bunch of those gu