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Jay Gruden Redskins Presser: "We're 7-9 the last two years, we need the work."

Jay Gruden answers questions before today's practice

NFL: Washington Redskins-Rookie Minicamp Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Jay Gruden spoke to the media before today's practice. He downplayed the depth chart that he is forced to put out for the media. Injury updates: Montez Sweat is being held out of practice again with a sore calf. Ereck Flowers is doing fine?

Depth chart:

QB reps:

"I don’t think we ever can give a quarterback too many reps, it’s never enough in my opinion for the quarterback. However, you’ll wear everybody else down if you practice for as long as I want to practice. Definitely need more reps. We’ve got to continue to get more reps. We have some more time, but the more reps we can get them, the better and then we’ll just have to decide come game time in the pr-season who gets what and when.”

Offensive line:

"Yeah I think – well Donald just got here too. But he’s been in the league. It’s been good for him. He’s working his way back into football shape and learning our terminology. Obviously Wes is brand new as a rookie, but he’s a bright guy with a lot of talent. It’s a good group. The big thing is getting Geron [Christian Sr.] a lot of reps in the pre-season, see where he is after his injury. It’s going to be a big look for us. Timon [Paris] has done some good things at right tackle; [Ereck] Flowers will try to get some work at guard in the pre-season, we’ll see where he’s at there. Mixing and matching these guys until we find out the right combination for Philadelphia is what we’re hopefully going to find out in the preseason.”

Paul Richardson Jr.:

Ryan Anderson:

"Yeah, I think Ryan’s done a good job, man. He’s in the weight room with his weight, working hard. He’s a hard-playing guy, and that’s his strength. His strength is his effort. In order to play with great effort on a consistent basis, you have to be in great shape. I think he’s gotten himself into better shape this year. Which is, for his style of play, physical, hustling, tough mentality, you’ve got to be in great shape. I think he’s put himself in a position with Chad [Englehart] in the weight room and the training staff, where his motor should be able to run hot for a longer period of time.”

Ereck Flowers:

Redskins defense:


Greg Stroman:

Montez Sweat:

Adrian Peterson:

Injury prevention: