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A Deeper Dive Into the Redskins First Preseason Depth Chart - What Should be vs. What is

NFL: Washington Redskins-Training Camp Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

The first “unofficial” depth chart of the preseason means very little to teams. Often, veterans are ranked ahead of rookies and new-comers simply because they have been here for longer. Sometimes, teams will list “or” next to some players names just to avoid confusion(or maybe add to it). If a proven player has been somewhat limited in training camp, he may find himself behind others, even if the intention is to have that individual start.

To say the first preseason depth chart means very little is a massive understatement!

Below you will see the first preseason depth chart that Jay Gruden and his staff released.

Let’s discuss this depth chart in a semi-humorous way to see where the “what should be’s” conflict with the “what is’zzzz’s”.

1.) Corky McCoy starting over Case Keenum: Look, I totally get McCoy being listed over Haskins, but over Keenum? Come on man! Everyone knows what McCoy can do - and it’s not much. His arm is one of the worst in the league, and he throws the ball like Uncle Rico. Plus, all he’s shown when he’s been given a chance is that he’s not durable. If Jay’s job is on the line this season, and this is the best he can muster up, he deserves to be fired...or maybe he secretly wants to and this is his way of making that happen.

2.) Josh Doctson as the starting X: Seriously? The former first round pick has already told reporters he has nothing to prove. So why is a guy with essentially EVERYTHING to prove listed as a starter? Raises hand... because he looks so good in practice on those 50-50 balls?

Chemistry - let’s talk about chemistry for a minute. Isn’t it important for a young quarterback to build chemistry with his wide receivers? How does that work if you begin building chemistry with a guy who won’t be here in 2020? Wouldn’t you then need to start all over again? Makes no sense to me...

3.) Geron Christian as the starting left tackle over Donald Penn: This one is a bit perplexing. Now I know Penn just signed here, but he is already familiar with the offense(Gruden said it would take him 30 minutes to learn it), and he’s a hell of a lot better than Christian. If the purpose is to get McCoy re-injured, this move makes sense. Mind you, Christian himself just came back, so it’s not like he’s been entrenched at left tackle since OTA’s.

4.) Ereck Flowers as the starting left guard: Yeah, I know Bill Callahan is one of the best in the business, but what the hell does he see in Flowers that makes him want to trot him out there to play even a series against some of the Brown’s starters? Sure, I too had some hope for him as a guard, but man, that hope had faded, and this is before I have even seen him attempt to kick inside. I just see Jonathan Allen treating him like a pillow on practice and cringe.

Wes Martin should be the move here. He’s big, strong, saves the life of dogs, and actually has feet that move!

5.) Ryan Anderson as the starting strong-side EDGE: Ok, Montez Sweat got kicked in the calf, and supposedly it left a pretty damn good bruise. Even so, Sweat on one leg is better than Ryan Anderson on two! Anderson has the speed of me on crutches off the edge, and the ancillary moves of a guy in full traction!

6.) Troy Apke as the back-up free safety: The only thing Troy Apke should be backing up is the resume saved on his hard drive! We’ve all seen the famous “drag tackle” that he so eloquently preformed last year on special teams to save a would-be touchdown. We’ve also seen him get beaten so badly by a rookie in training camp that he almost fell down...TWICE!

If something happens to Nicholson during the season, I will volunteer to get my ass off the couch, fly to Redskins Park that evening, and sign for the league minimum to play free safety. Hey, at least I can tackle and understand angles.

Tell me your thoughts on the depth chart. They can be semi-serious or funny.

If you’d like to get into a serious depth chart discussion, we can do so once the preseason ends and the 53-man roster is decided.