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Paul Richardson Redskins Presser: I learned how much I loved this game last year

Paul Richardson answers questions after today’s practice

Washington Redskins Training Camp Photo by Scott Taetsch/Getty Images

Paul Richardson had his turn at the podium after today’s practice. He talked about his injury last season, and what he learned from it. Richardson spoke about the Redskins QB competition, being a deep threat, and mentoring the young guys while also competing against them for playing time.

QB Competition:

“I think [Dwayne] Haskins is young. He’s doing well. They’re finding ways to find him comfortable back there and letting his arm loose a little bit. Case [Keenum] is a good vet that we have. He’s trying to find his leadership role as he’s grasping the playbook. You know you got Colt [McCoy] who has been in the offense for a while. He knows the offense. He has really good leadership qualities and I think that they have a healthy competition going on.”

Getting into a groove with different QBs:

“I don’t think it’s really difficult because just like the quarterbacks got to know their personnel as we rotate tight ends, we rotate receivers and backs, we got to know our personnel – whose back there, what type of ball he’s going to throw, when it’s going to be delivered. It’s timing and what he’s looking for because they are looking for different things. It’s just part of being a professional, you got to know who is back there and you’ve got to be able to adjust.”

Offensive struggles:

Deep threat:

“We got a lot of guys who catch 10, 12 passes and only have seven yards. Then you got a guy who does run those routes and he’s catching those passes and he only has seven yards, so it’s like you pick your poison. You got to stay encouraged. You got to keep running because if it comes to you later on and you’re discouraged or you’re upset about not getting the ball, you’re not going to be ready. I mean we’re human, we all want the ball as far as pass receivers. You’ve got to be ready, regardless of who is back there, regardless to if you get the ball late in the fourth quarter or early in the first, you’ve got to be ready when the ball comes.”

Terry McLaurin:

“I just like his attitude every day, the way he approaches the game. We all got things that we are dealing with off the field, things that we are dealing with in the receiver room as far as the competition that’s going on there. But just being a speed guy, he’s learning that he can’t run 100 miles per hour all the time. Some routes don’t require that. Him learning how to control the speed is going to help him at this level, especially if you’re going to be in all game, all four quarters, you got to be able to deliver the allusion of speed to a defender to get him to open up to make your route running a little easier. He takes a lot from what I do and he listens a lot. And then we have a seventh overall pick coaching him in [wide receivers coach] Ike Hilliard, so I think Terry is going to great here.”


“Yeah, I think it’s easy for me. I think it’s easy for me because I was a rookie before and I went into a situation where all three of those [starting] receivers – 2 months ago, 3 months ago had all scored in the Super Bowl and I was Seattle’s first pick, so it was kind of weird. I went into a situation where it was all competition; nobody really introduced themselves to me, nobody really took me under their wing, so to speak. I just wanted to be the guy who attached to the rookies. I wanted to be the guy who took them to go eat, I wanted to be the guy who was willing to sit down and sit in the playbook with them because I wish that I would have had that. It’s great, that’s why we have good chemistry in our room. It’s a competition going on but you wouldn’t think it because we all relate to each other well because we’re open to it.”

Landon Collins:

“I’ve seen him do his job. I think that’s why we paid him as much money as we did. I think him making those plays is going to be good encouragement for our defense. I mean, yeah, I love it.”

Pass interference challenge:

“I think the rules changing is in the receivers favor honestly. I know receivers don’t look for contact when we’re running routes, so I don’t think DB’s should look for contact when they are defending routes. It doesn’t make any sense to me. I think those foul calls are fair. As far as when the ball is in the air, I think it should be 50-50. Everyone should be entitled to go for the ball. I don’t think there is anything wrong with that. I won’t be like pushing [Head Coach] Jay [Gruden] more as far as to tell the refs to see different things. As a deep route runner, we should either have a completion or a penalty anyways.”

Missing time due to injury last year:

“Yeah I learned a lot. I learned how much I love this game. I learned how much I knew our offense needed me. I think that’s why I pushed through it so long. Before I played in those seven games, my shoulder was already broken. My shoulder was already torn, so I think that I just, I just wanted to show them what I was here for. I was here to bring a level of you know, some level of competition at a high level. I’ve been to the playoffs, I’ve been to the Super Bowl. I’ve played through injury, I’ve worked with guys who played through injury – through playoffs and through Super Bowls. So, I just wanted to play as long as I could without you know, hurting the offense and hurting our team. And then I didn’t want to be hurt one season, push it too long, and then not be recovered from my surgery and be hurt for two seasons. That made no sense. So, I think we timed it up well. I think it ended up working out.”

DB group:

“I think that we have a lot of outstanding DBs. I like Jimmy [Moreland]. I like what he’s come in and done. I like the way J-No (Josh Norman) is trying to lead. He plays unique. He’s one of those DB’s in the league that actually come up and tackle. Then you have Quinton Dunbar who made a name for himself. I love how Fabian Moreau is playing. I think our DBs are playing well. Like you said, Landon [Collins] made two interceptions. He’s doing what he’s paid to do at safety. I like how that back end is looking. If you keep that back end, tighten it, whoever shakeouts to be the starters in those positions and with that front we have, I think we’ll be very, very hard to move the ball on with our defense.”

Preparing his body for games:

“I think we practice at a good level. It’s hard to imitate a game, even preseason games are hard to imitate a regular season game because there are so many young people playing in the preseason. I’m look forward to it. Whatever reps I get, whatever chance I get. I think it’s going to be hard to imitate. I’m really looking forward to that opener against Philadelphia. I think that will be the big test for me. I have come back from injuries before and I’ve been playing at this level for 6 years now so I am looking forward to this season. I think the preseason is good for these young guys to show what they can do. I think it’s good for the offense to lineup against another team and see how our bread and butter plays lineup against future competition. I am looking forward to it across the board for all of us.”