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Jay Gruden Redskins Presser: We're confident Jordan Reed will be fine, and Trent Williams won’t be traded

Jay Gruden answers questions after today's practice

Cincinnati Bengals v Washington Redskins Photo by Patrick McDermott/Getty Images

Jay Gruden was at the podium answering questions after today’s practice at Redskins Park. Dwayne Haskins will start Thursday’s game against the Ravens, and Gruden plans to play his starting OL while Haskins is in. Donald Penn is likely the starting LT for the season. Gruden is confident that Jordan Reed will be fine after entering the concussion protocol following a dirty helmet-to-helmet hit from Falcons safety Keanu Neal last Thursday. Gruden is also confident that the Redskins will not trade holdout LT Trent Williams.

Dwayne Haskins:

Special teams:

Practice squad:

Jordan Reed:

TE Depth:

“Yeah, we have to without a doubt. J.P. [Holtz]’s done a good job, he’s very versatile in what he can do. [Matt] Flannigan has been a good tight end for us, he’s emerging and getting stronger, and stronger. But you still have ‘Sprink’s’ [Jeremy Sprinkle] experience and Vernon Davis which is good. But we’re quite confident that Jordan will be fine.”

Danny Johnson:

“Yeah, you can’t really evaluate him. You have to wait for number one; you have to find out when he’s going to be healthy. That’s the first boxed checked, is he healthy? If not, it’s an easy decision. If he is, then we have to talk about what we are going to do with him.”

LT competition:

“Well right now, Donald Penn is probably our starting left tackle right now. [Geron] Christian is very good because he’s a versatile guy who can play left and right, you have [Ereck] Flowers who can play a little bit of left as well. Timon Parris has played right tackle; he’s done some good things. We have some versatility there.”

Donald Penn:

“Yeah, he’s an older guy, but his legs are starting to get under him right now. He’s in decent shape for an old ugly body guy. But he’s done a pretty good job. He’s seen a lot of football, played a lot of football; he knows how to set on these guys. He’s not quite where he was when he was 22 years old, but he’s still a very functional left tackle in the NFL.”

Adrian Peterson:

Bryce Love:

Jimmy Moreland:

“Yeah, I think probably, but he can also play outside. He’s proven he can play outside too. He’s a good football player. You can talk about his size all you want to, but at the end of the day he’s proven to be one of our most physical defensive backs. He plays the run very well. Very good tackler, very physical tacklers, forced two fumbles already. We’ve just got to get him the reps. He’s young.”

Cam Sims:

“Yeah, I think he played to his size. He’s a physical player. He won on a bump-and-run slant which was very good. He’s been winning on routes down the field and he’s good in the running game. So, I think he’s proven great versatility for us. He’s got speed to get you deep and he can be physical to run the rough in-breaking routes that you’re looking for when you’re looking for that size of a player. He’s just got to continue to get the reps. He didn’t get much last year; he got hurt early and this year, he’s been through OTAs and training camp now and you can see him getting better and better. He’s still a working progress, but I like where he’s headed.”

Trent Williams: