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My Redskins Kool-Aid is Lacking Sugar!

NFL: Preseason-Cincinnati Bengals at Washington Redskins Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

I have been very critical of all the National Talking Heads with their season predictions for the Redskins. I have been vocal on both Hogs Haven and my Twitter account, often calling out these predictions - mainly based on lack of knowledge of our team, and the assumption many have that injuries will just consume the team yet again.

When I was a kid growing up, we always had Kool-Aid in the house. We has the .10 small packets that you had to disperse into a 2 quart pitcher of water, and then add the sugar. My mom, being she didn’t want us to have TOO much sugar, would always cut back on the recommended amount to add. Long story short, my friends Kool-Aid always tasted better than ours!

Recently, I have tasted some not-so-sugary Kool-Aid with our very own Redskins. Maybe I am starting to see the light when it comes to how those outside Redskins Nation view our team, or maybe my burgundy colored glasses have just become foggy. Whatever the case, some of the early excitement has wore off, and reality is setting in for me.

The Trent Williams Saga:

The Trent Williams saga has left a sour taste in my mouth. I don’t know who to be upset with - the obvious one being Bruce Allen and the team, or Trent himself. The silence is absolutely deafening, and it’s sending a bad vibe throughout Redskins’ land.

Trent has been the face of the franchise for years. He’s been our best player for years. He’s been a captain for years. To think of possibly losing a player like him can be depressing to the most rabid fan, and I am not immune to being depressed with how this has all played out.

Without Trent back at left tackle, the offensive line, which COULD be a strength, takes a major step backwards...but I don’t have to tell you this.

The Quarterbacks:

There is no doubt that Dwayne Haskins is the quarterback of the future in DC, but just how long it takes to get to that next chapter is yet to be determined. As a fan, I simply can’t get excited with either Case Keenum or Colt McCoy under center - sorry, I just can’t!

You can tell me how both have that “gun-slinger” mentality to get push the ball downfield, but I see two reserves who are turnover prone and have well below average arm strength.

Both are backup material, and if forced to start, will be no more than a placeholder. Shame on me for not getting overly excited about the possibility of either leading this Redskins team into 2019. Heck, even if it’s just half of the season until Haskins takes over the reigns, that may be half a season of unwatchable offensive football!

Dramatic...yeah, a little, but can you fault me for not jumping out of my recliner?

Unproven Skill:

For what seems like an eternity, this team has been lacking playmakers on offense. We’ve TRIED to add guys, but failed draft picks and injury have simply shut the door.

We now enter 2019 with some unproven skill talent and although that is very encouraging, it’s still UNPROVEN.

Last year’s draft darling, Derrius Guice, tore up his knee before ever taking a regular season snap. He’s been cleared for practice, but has yet to get the green light for game action. This is likely to come soon, but there are still questions that need to be answered. Will he be the same running back he was during his sophomore year at LSU? Will the injury have taken its toll on his speed and power? Fact is, no one know just yet.

We drafted the dynamic Bryce Love, but he was more a pick for the future, not the present. Currently he’s recovering from knee surgery, and will likely spend 2019 on the sidelines.

Josh Doctson, the team’s most tenured wide receiver, is a complete afterthought now. Paul Richardson is battling a quad issue and has yet to see meaningful snaps this preseason. Give his injury history, cautious optimism is the best words we can hope for right now.

The tide has turned to Trey Quinn and his band of hopefuls. Aside from Quinn, this receiving unit includes the likes of Cam Sims and Robert Davis who are both coming off season ending injuries, and rookies Terry McLaurin, Kelvin Harmon and Steven Sims Jr. Is there talent - yes; but the word UNPROVEN rings true yet again.

There is certainly HOPE that one or two of these young skill guys can step up, but until that happens, hope is really all we have.

Tight End:

Let’s not kid ourselves - Jordan Reed can’t be counted on in this offense. When he healthy and on the field, he’s a mismatch nightmare, but his inability to play a full season is reason for great concern; especially knowing that Jay Gruden’s offense runs through him.

Over the last four seasons, Reed has started just 30 of the team’s 64 regular season games. I WANT to believe he’s healthy and can give us a full season, but history tell me this will not happen.

Left Guard:

This one is not what i’d consider an emergency, and by itself would present just a dull headache. When combined with the above however, it turns the former into a full-blown migraine!

Let’s start on a promising note. Everybody’s Bobo Doll, Ereck Flowers, has looked surprisingly good so far in limited action at left guard. In fact, he was the best lineman on the field last Thursday against the Bengals. Don’t believe me, simply watch the film! I know this is not what many of you wanted and expected to hear(as most want him cut), but I’m not about to go trashing the guy like many do.

Now, I’ll take a step back. What if Flowers regresses and just doesn’t cut it come the regular season at guard? I’ve been watching rookie Wes Martin very closely, and although I like his potential, he’s just not there yet. Rookies take time to develop; especially mid-round picks on the offensive line, so I expect him to get better each week, but it’s a very scary thought trotting him out there against a VERY good Eagles defense with Donald Penn or Geron Christian to his immediate left.

Inside Linebacker:

I’m not going to lie - I was so excited when we claimed Reuben Foster off waivers last year. He was one of my draft crushes in 2017, and I couldn’t wait to see what he brought to this defense.

I was absolutely devastated when he went down in OTA’s in a non-contact drill and was lost for the season. I had such high hopes for this young player, and I thought that being around a bunch of his former Alabama teammates would get him on the right path. Unfortunately, we’ll have to wait at least another year to see what he’s capable of in this defense.

So while the future certainly looks bright, the skies overhead are a bit cloudy, and again, my Kool-Aid seems to be lacking some sugar, and certainly doesn’t taste as good as my neighbors!

Hogs Haven community - I need your help... Please add some sugar to my Kool-Aid and take this bitter taste out of my mouth.