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Could the Trent Williams Saga Spell the Beginning of the End for the Redskins Franchise as we know it?

NFL: Philadelphia Eagles at Washington Redskins Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Think about this for a minute...

What would happen if Daniel Synder, who is widely considered one of the worst owners in professional football, is willing to lose his best player in Pro Bowl left tackle Trent Williams, to keep Bruce Allen and some inept training staff instead?

Now, I’m not taking credit for this question, as one of my twitter friends posted it this morning:


  1. Would this hurt the trust current and future players have/may have with the team?
  2. Would the fans revolt? This is one of the biggest questions I have. We have already seen an empty stadium on game day at FedEx Field. Will that already empty stadium get even more empty as fans grow tired of these antics? Will the team lose even more fan support? - I have to think YES.
  3. Does this give Bruce Allen’s ego even more power, as he’d probably take this as a “win” for himself and the team?
  4. Will other players stand up over the ousting of Trent Williams and the team not listening to concerns regarding the current training staff? Could this impact any long-term deals with other Redskins (specifically Brandon Scherff).
  5. Would the local and national media’s inevitable negative spin on this situation hurt the franchise even more in the realm of public perception?

However this is about to go down, it will certainly hurt the perception (which is already at an all-time low) of this once proud franchise.

Having the team’s best player at odds with the franchise is never a good thing, and no spinning of this situation by the front office will ever satisfy a fan base that is hungry for a return to even mediocrity.

The ONLY positive thing that I see possibly coming out of this situation, is if Trent gets his way, and the inept training staff, AND Bruce Allen, are ousted!

...hey, we can all dream.