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The Redskins Injury Mismanagement Continues - Will the League be Forced to Step in?

NFL: Washington Redskins-Training Camp Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Injuries happen in football all the time. They are part of the game. Unfortunately for the Redskins, these injuries (and how they are being handled) seem to be a bit more than just coincidence.

Yesterday, JP Finlay broke this interesting bit of information regarding Colt McCoy’s status:

Warren Sharp had a pretty blunt comment about the whole McCoy situation:

“aggressive trying to get him back on the field so we didn’t give it time to heal the right way”...MY GOODNESS, if this doesn’t say it all, what does?

So, the Redskins (don’t know who’s fully to blame here) tried to rush him back onto the field - FOR A POSSIBLE LATE SEASON PLAYOFF RUN THAT NEVER HAPPENED!!!

And now people wonder why a team captain who is the Redskins best player refuses to report back to the team, even though he’s under contract for two more years.

This is getting bad folks...REAL BAD!

The Redskins have been accused by players in the past and present (Trent Williams and Su’a Cravens recently) of mishandling injuries.

This has gotten out of hand. The league needs to step in, if they haven’t already, and force the Redskins’ hand here.

Things have to change, and if the team is not willing to make changes and hold people accountable, maybe the league should!